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    Piña Colada symposium dedicated to Surco's 70th anniversary

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    Dedican simposio del Piña Colada al 70 aniversario de Surco

    With a panel dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Provincial Station Radio Surco, the Sixth Piña Colada Symposium “Music and Youth” began this Thursday at the House of the Young Creator of the Hermanos Saíz Association in Ciego de Ávila.

    The invited panelists were Ángel Broche Ruedas, Melena Corcho Vergara, Yunior Gutiérrez Gómez and the young improvisers Rainer Nodal Pérez and Yadier Delgado Abreu, who at the request of Broche gave a tenth to the radio.

    The debate started from the historical background of Ciego de Ávila`s radio, focused its analysis on the Guateque Cubano as the only foundational space on the grid, while it ended with the creative and technological challenges of the station to be more attractive to adolescents and young people.

    Annia Liz de Armas Valido, Coordinator of the Sixth Symposium "Music and Youth" of the Piña Colada, explained that on Friday the theoretical space will be dedicated to musical podcasts, while Saturday's will deal with the consumption and participation of electronic music, concert and reggaeton.