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    A Girón in July

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    Un Girón en julio

    The month of July is for Cuban men and women an unequivocal synonym of Revolution. This month is the glorious 26, in which the Apostle was reborn to guide, from the immensity of his legacy, Fidel and the entire generation that continued the irreversible path towards the full dignity of Cuba.

    So much human greatness, so much sacrifice, so much history, are sacred causes; symbolic expressions of our perseverance, resistance, principles and sense of justice.

    This town has fought tirelessly for its independence. He wins every time they try to drown him; he stands irreverent against those who try to steal his right to decide how to live; therefore, it will never bow to provocations or threats.

    Evidence of this has been the economic, commercial and financial blockade, the practice of State terrorism, the attempted invasion. In addition, since nothing has served the overthrow plan, our enemies bet on the so-called soft blow. The most insolent expression was rehearsed on July 11, 2021, ignorant of the depth with which the roots of the Revolution reach the entrails of those who make it, perfect it and keep it firm.

    With the deployment of a large-scale political-communicational operation, they wanted to opportunistically take advantage of the combined impacts of the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis derived from it, and the measures that intensified the lockdown at an unprecedented level.

    The clearest objective? Generate the false idea that material deficiencies and difficulties respond to inefficiency in the management of the revolutionary government, and cover up its real cause: the inhumane economic siege of the United States.

    Before the world they sold the notion of a social explosion that sought to "overthrow the dictatorship." However, their plan had a flaw: they underestimated the unity of the nation, the majority support for the revolutionary project, the will not to allow peace and social gains to be undermined. That condemned them, as always, to the most resounding failure.

    They have not yet understood that continuity in Cuba is not demagoguery, and that defending the Revolution at whatever cost is necessary is not an empty slogan, but rather a firm resolution that the people draw, putting their chests before the audacity of their high-priced enemies.

    Because the dangers are certain, the fact is that the Cuban people have always been in the throes of combat. This was demonstrated on July 11, when he crushed that skirmish in a few hours.

    Under this precept, with an open heart, as if Fidel, Raúl, Martí and all the heroes of the Homeland were speaking, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, called for the defense of the Revolution in the streets, and the town, without hesitation, was already there.

    It was an act of fidelity to the legacy of the Commander in Chief, who, precisely on January 8, 1959, had established the mode of action in situations of imminent danger: «I tell you that the first thing I will always do, when I see the Revolution in danger , is to call the people. We can save blood by talking to the people; because here, before firing a shot, you have to call the people a thousand times...».

    Moreover, with full courage that people asserted its status as supreme protector of this work, and made it clear that citizen tranquility is sacred, and that a fair and sincere claim does not need violence to make itself heard.

    This same people is the one that refuses impunity, because no one at the service of foreign interests has the right to subvert the order of this sovereign nation.

    Poor those who wanted to kidnap, for their payers, on July 11, the date on which we revolutionaries defeated a vandalistic coup d'état.

    July 26 has so much stamp in the country's history, that the month to celebrate it is short. How can we make room for so much glory if we also add the overwhelming victory on the 11th; so similar to that 13 in which Maceo, in 1895, made an entire army of Spaniards flee in disarray in the fields of Peralejo?

    For the cunning mercenary attack, and for the deluded desire to gain a "beachhead" from which to cry out for Yankee intervention, there was already a place and a date that are the empire's gravest shame: Girón.

    Nevertheless, if in their servile purpose, Cuba's enemies insist on giving each other a Girón with each attempt, they will have one each time, as in April 1961, as in July 2021.

    Revolutionary Cuba, meanwhile, remains happy and at peace, on the side of reason, truth and justice. We know that times are hard, but also that together we are capable of overcoming the obstacles of a circumstantial reality, whose complexities are not exclusive to our country.

    We continue and will continue standing, with a critical vision, with a transforming spirit, with creative resistance and with dreams and hopes always thought for a future in Revolution.