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    Majagua honors its 26

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    Majagua hace honor a su 26

    The educational work that is carried out in the municipality of Majagua, as well as the contributions to the professional growth of Ciego de Ávila, reflect that doing is the best way of saying. In addition, the land of the Red and Blue sides takes the issue of Education very seriously, so much so that it insists on recovering, little by little, its infrastructure.

    Zaily Pérez Ulloa, municipal director of the sector, told Invasor that, for some time now, a repair and maintenance program has sought to rescue significant facilities with fairly deteriorated construction conditions.

    It is, on the one hand, the Roberto Rodríguez Pioneer Camp, where airs of competitiveness and hubbub were breathed for many years.

    There, students and teachers from provinces such as Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus, Camagüey and the host territory, demonstrated their skills as accurately as possible.

    According to Pérez Ulloa, the roof of eight of the 16 cabins was changed, and the floor of two; Work is being done on the sidewalks, in the bathrooms, on the perimeter fence, on the electrical installations, the lighting, and on painting tasks for the entire unit. In addition, 128 new wooden bunk beds will be installed.

    The rescue of the Camp, as a work of July 26, whose provincial headquarters of the celebrations is Majagua, means giving back to the little ones the space where they showed their skills for life in the field, which contributed to the formation of values, the knowledge of the history and care of the environment.

    The Águedo Morales Reina Pioneer Palace, an educational institution specializing in vocational training and career guidance, will also be repaired; the special school Captain San Luis, in the town of Guayacanes, and the mixed center Doña Emilia González Echemendía, in Orlando González.

    In a brief tour of the sector, its municipal director reported that student attendance at classes is at 97.45 percent, with a total enrollment of 3,629 in its 35 schools.

    Teacher coverage, with alternatives (agreements, hourly contracts, increased teaching load and teacher-child ratio), behaves at one hundred percent, and without alternatives at 80 percent. "The municipality has 546 teachers in front of the classroom and 32 retirees have been reincorporated," he added.

    Provided for in the investment plan for the current year, five televisions have been purchased with their accessories, three thin clients, 20 park benches and three telephones —“timers”, as they are called— for rural schools.

    The Education, Science and Sports union, in Majagua, won first place in the emulation for the past International Workers' Day. In this result, the unconditional support in the confrontation with COVID-19 had great weight.