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    The Referendum on the Family Code will support the communication campaign

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    Respaldará campaña de comunicación  el Referendo del Código de las Familias

    Contributing to the understanding, conscious mobilization and participation of voters in the Referendum on the Family Code, scheduled to take place next September, is the purpose of the communication campaign designed in the province of Ciego de Ávila to support this process.

    Reina Torres Pérez, head of the Department of Information and Social Communication of the Provincial Government, reported that it would be implemented, after the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) sets the date of the referendum to make the characteristics of this popular action visible.

    In line with the campaign conceived at the national level, a first stage (introductory) will be aimed at training and preparing the internal and external public that is directly involved in the process, he explained.

    The second phase - he continued - contemplates educational, mobilizing actions and the visualization of communicative products through digital media, television, radio, written press, billboards and infographics aimed at external audiences.

    For and For Cuban families, your vote counts, will be the slogans that the campaign will promote; Meanwhile, the use of the hashtags #Cuba, #Referendum and #YourVotesCount is proposed on social networks, she argued.

    This initiative - she emphasized - responds to the call of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, who recently pointed out that there is recognition of the virtues of the Code, however, "we can and have potential to reach more people.

    She, also deputy to the ANPP, recalled that the Cuban president urged to continue with the argumentation, the clarification and the formation of conscience on the importance of the vote, so that it is known what is gained by voting in favor of the Code and what is lost in opposite case.

    Through the communication strategy, the indications of the highest leadership of the country will be fulfilled to explain what the referendum will be like, how it will be voted, what the question that will be asked is and how the validity of the process is measured so that people participate consciously, projection.

    Torres Pérez stressed that this month the Code will be submitted again to the consideration of the deputies to the ANPP, after the transformations made to the document from the popular consultation in which more than six million Cubans participated.

    The Family Code is the special legal norm, with the rank of Law, that regulates legal-family relations (personal, social and material that are created between the members of the so-called fundamental cell of society), so that its content It is consistent with the constitutional postulates.

    It develops various legal-family institutions, among which are kinship and the obligation to provide food, marriage, de facto union, parental relationships, guardianship and protection institutions, and filiation.