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    Majagua and its 26: With all the colors of the Homeland

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    Majagua y su 26: Con todos los colores de la Patria

    For the second time in the last decade, the town of Majagua celebrates the act for the National Rebellion Day, in Ciego de Ávila, in recognition of the undeniable advances in production and services.

    Representing the entire province, more than a thousand Majagua citizens, Government and Party authorities in the remaining municipalities, directors of territorial organizations, among other people, gathered today at Plaza 26 de Julio, in the land of river and partying.

    Starting at approximately five in the morning, the locals began to move from the five popular councils. And beyond. It was not only to win the battle against the sun and, in the manner of those from here, to pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs of that year 1953, but also to show the willingness of a people to wage present and future battles.

    69 years of the Assaults on the Moncada Barracks and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, do not fit in about 69 minutes. Not even the speeches come to say, in all its splendor, what was done by heart, in the midst of great restrictions due to the national economic crisis, aggravated by the global ups and downs, and the shameless hatred of those who oppose us.

    In the emblematic esplanade, platform always to defend the Revolution, the call to peace, to work, to unity was reiterated. The hats became witnesses of the moment, with a bicolor ribbon, between Red and Blue, in honor of the peasant traditions of the area. On the sweaters, the flag in the shape of a heart, the one that has been placed so many times in the workplace, and the "Majagua United", a small phrase that becomes a great inspiration.

    "And with the strength of the Moncada fighters of that time, Majagua is at 26! This is a recognition of the work of the last twelve months, in which it is shown that here not only is dancing, but also triumphs. But, why the land of the Red and Blue bands brings us together in this square?" Misleydi Abad Modey, first secretary of the Party in Majagua, said.

    According to their own answers, the municipality took significant steps in the activities of Culture, Sports, Agriculture, Housing, the production of national crude oil, Public Health, as well as in Commerce and Gastronomy, the latter with potential in the mercantile circulation and obtaining profits.

    At the same time, he referred to the solution of various proposals of the population, especially those related to Aqueduct and roads, and the vulnerable communities program, for which more than two million pesos were allocated. "It is enough to go through Orlando González and Limones Palmero, both with that condition, and notice the transformations."

    The leader, with just seven months at the head of the Municipal Committee of the Party, informed those present about the free delivery of induction modules to people in vulnerable conditions, with social workers.

    "From the point of view of Social Assistance, some 235 family nuclei are economically protected. Besides, 14 mothers from the demographic program are favored with monetary benefits. 11 were helped with the delivery of purchased homes. Another five received subsidies," he added.

    In the midst of the difficulties with raw materials, said Abad Modey, the efforts of the Aqueduct and Sewerage Base Business Unit can be seen. The village of La Teresita, which was connected to the turbine of the La Pollera pumping station, after years without water, benefited from the works; the vulnerable community Segundo Congreso and Campo Hatuey (which was articulated with the main network that comes from the La Estrella water supply source).

    He also mentioned the houses at the entrance of the People's Council of Orlando González, built by subsidy, and Las Marías and Cabrera, both settlements within the same area mentioned above. A neighborhood of Guayacanes, this year, saw its problem with the distribution valve solved.

    On the other hand, in the Public Health sector, he applauded the valuable contribution of the 396 blood donors that the municipality has and that the complete cycle of immunization against COVID-19 is at 98.57 percent.

    "Their participation in the integrated community work sessions in each community is significant. Similarly, the cultural promoters and Physical Recreation teachers come to the neighborhoods and health centers, with their different manifestations. The people of Majagüa are grateful for their Municipal Concert Band and amateur talent, with its four first-rate artistic units".

    Among other social results, the train was taken to the Popular Council of Limones Palmero, a vulnerable community in which, in addition, different works were carried out. A thermos was created for the collection of milk in the town of Derramadero. Not a few roads were improved. "Although, at the moment, other demands of the population cannot be resolved, they are listed here," he said.

    "Very important these days has been the rehabilitation of the Majagua polyclinic, the capital repair of the mixed winery La Entrada, in Guayacanes. We have to talk about the opening of different points of sale in the municipality, with products from here."

    He mentioned the Guamajales Local Development Project, specialized in the production of dry condiments, and the only MSME in the area, El Cieno, in Guayacanes, dedicated to the manufacture of bricks and other clay works. "In the stage, the potentialities of the municipality were articulated for the benefit of the population."

    On behalf of the people of Ciego de Ávila, the member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the province, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, took the floor, recalling the significance of the date, which has become momentum and commitment for Cubans. In his words, he conveyed optimism in the face of the challenges of the local and national economy, and called for keeping Majagua united.

    A few organizations and institutions were recognized with the Latir Avileño condition, among them the Provincial Company for Education Insurance and Services, the Provincial Directorate of Culture, the Music and Show Marketing Company (Musicávila), the universities of Ciego de Ávila and Medical Sciences, the Construction Materials Company, the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets, and the municipalities of Florencia, Ciro Redondo, Ciego de Ávila and Majagua.