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    Gaviota Tourism Group offers jobs

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    Oferta empleos Grupo de Turismo Gaviota

    Employment opportunities in different areas of tourist facilities offered by Gaviota Tourism Group S.A for people over 18 years of age and residents in the provinces of Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila.

    Iván Sosa Estrada, Communication and Promotion specialist of the Gaviota Ciego-Camagüey Territorial Delegation, specified that calls remain open to work in different areas, including Food and Beverages, where there are offers to act as head, room captain and gastronomic services clerk.

    Likewise, master chefs, chefs A, B and C, specialists A in International Cuisine and baker-confectioner operator, room maids, cleaners of public areas, floor coordinators, hotel reception managers, receptionists, porters, laundry and wardrobe are required.

    He added that body-facial masseurs and qualified personnel are also requested for the maintenance area (heads, technicians and coordinators of technical services, maintenance operators for equipment and installations, pool cleaners, programmers-controllers, general maintenance operators (electricians, masons, plumbers and painters).

    Room operators, maintenance, climate and refrigeration are also required; gardeners, specialists in Saving and Rational Use of Energy, technicians and specialists in automotive transport, drivers of tourist buses and trucks, mechanics and technicians in Fleet Control.

    Also, it is on offer places in the Security and Protection area (agent and shift manager in that specialty), as well as others related to insurance (warehouse managers, logistics and Tourism Supply specialists).

    Meanwhile, in the administrative areas there are also vacancies available to work in the departments of Economy, Human Resources and General Management: Accountants A, B and C, Human Resources Managers, HR Specialists and Technicians, Document Management Technician, Heads and Specialists of Economy, Supervising Inspector of the Tourist Service, Auditors and Specialists and Technicians in Computer Sciences.

    To opt for these positions, it is essential to have physical and mental aptitudes, not have visible tattoos, have completed Active Military Service (in the case of men and Annex 1 must be presented) and graduates of technical specialties must present the document that certifies the fulfillment of the Social Service.

    It is necessary to reside in the municipalities of Ciro Redondo or Morón, in the case of the territory of Ciego de Ávila; meanwhile, applicants for Camagüey are required to be located in Nuevitas, Minas, Sierra de Cubitas, Esmeralda, Céspedes or Florida. Cohabitants in the head towns of both provinces are contemplated.