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    Ciego de Ávila with better vision

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    Ciego con mejor visión

    Possibly these lines do not sit very well with those who have been shouting insults against Cuba for months and years, yearning and working for the Revolution to come crashing down.

    However, what a pity; it is not for that "select segment" that I write them, but for the sensible and grateful: the vast majority, by the way.

    It happens that, in the midst of so many financial and economic difficulties, which are expressed in an insufficient supply of necessary household products or in electrical blackouts that do not encourage anyone (to name just two realities), Ciego de Ávila moves heaven and earth to favor of its appearance, as a city, and a better functioning of its "internal organs".

    This is appreciated even by the interprovincial passer-by when the car or the bus sticks its nose into the same roundabout where for years horses grazed quietly and with impunity, while today a renovating project is being carried out to receive or dismiss the visitor, by means of a fountain that not by chance it has five points.

    Ciego con mejor visión

    The sun is too "bright", but the workers are more persistent than it.

    As it is to be supposed and to be expected, there are always those who "are" against a work so, far from wasting resources, they make timely use of budgetary funds conceived precisely for this type of endeavor. Incidentally, what really irritates and should bother the population is that due to inertia and immobility, money is no longer executed in the hands of the territory.

    But going back to the matter, similar expectations are generated by the works in the emblematic 12-story building, in the heart of the city, where a colorful project of ambience takes shape that reveres in a special way the figure of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz , by means of a Cuban flag and another of July 26, painted at one end of the building and complemented by allegorical images of the Sierra Maestra and its highest peak (El Turquino), with artistic recreation, in addition, of the degrees of the Leader history of the Revolution.

    Ciego con mejor visión

    Cuba, 26 and Fidel take shape in the heart of Ciego de Ávila.

    By the way, for those who underline or predict the decline of human values, displaced by greed or interest in money, I can tell you in advance that the plastic artist Jesús Alberto Mederos Martínez, author of the work, refuses to charge a penny for her and affirms that he will return to Matanzas only "with the gratitude of the people of Ciego de Ávila and nothing else."

    Speaking of values... I invite you to return for a virtual moment to the west roundabout, where embraced and scorched by a sun that splits stones, a young man not only sweats profusely in his shirt and pants with his companions, but every day, from his personal phone, by his own inspiration, sends a video to Liván Izquierdo Alonso, First Secretary of the Party in the province, to show him how the work progressed during the day.

    If that is not defined as motivation, optimism, satisfaction, enthusiasm and early sense of belonging, then please help me find a name for it.I could put many more examples, in the style of residents of multi-family buildings going down to clean the same environment that they dirty or allow others to disfigure.

    A different view also traces what is happening inside the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola hospital, where directors and workers from numerous organizations and even private entities such as Mipymes Media Luna are constructively doing what has not happened there for years, to leave that institution not only with the image and comfort it deserves but also in much better conditions to offer its services.

    They realize? They are just simple details, tangible, visible, verifiable, which may not be to the liking of those who call from outside or gobble up hooks and little green tickets here, for the sake of creating confusion, disgust, discouragement, insecurity or rejection of the political leadership of the country and, in fact, against the Revolution.

    What a pity. In that, we cannot please them. They will have to continue waiting for another 60, 600, 6,000 and more calendars, throughout which Ciego de Ávila, Santi Spiritus, Las Tunas, Santiago, Pinar del Rio, capital and all of Cuba will not stop raising fountains, raising flags, building playgrounds, rescuing areas and spaces in favor of health, education and everything that ultimately becomes a bone well pierced in the throat of the decrepit Uncle Sam and his descendants.

    So, simple... this is Cuba.