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    Bolivia and Morón: social works from the essence

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    July 26 is not said in Morón and Bolivia without looking until a couple of months ago, when the repair and reopening of premises and services for the people began to be conceived as the best way to commemorate the date.

    Bolivia y Morón: obras sociales desde la esencia

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, said that there is a constant to continue working on all of them: guarantee offers for vulnerable communities and "those who have the least." "There is a word that we have to keep and that is that no one will be left homeless."

    Thus, when this Wednesday he went, together with Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, Governor, to verify in situ the quality of the transformations; it all started with the Popular Council Patria, in Morón, in which Amelia Linares Hernández exhibited, pleased, "the most beautiful center in the community."

    Amelia is the director of the Camilo Cienfuegos elementary school, in which 130 people work for the very large number of 680 students. The Camilo Cienfuegos was waterproofed and painted from top to bottom. In September, it will receive its children not only with new colors, but also full of recycled paper and plastic toys that came from the hands of their teachers.

    If something is still missing, it is the lighting of the classrooms, an issue that, the Governor warns, is essential, because "it will be seen in a few years, in the health of the children." In this regard, Yoleysi Valdés Santiago, municipal director of Education, says she is looking for the lights to buy them, thanks to the fact that her investment budget in the year has seen a respite, with the repair of schools as part of the program for vulnerable communities.

    Bolivia y Morón: obras sociales desde la esencia

    The joys are visible in the Camilo Cienfuegos

    The Department of Culture has also worked for children and it was clear on the occasion. Plaza Pío Leyva still has a lot to recover, and Héctor Hernández, in charge of the sector in the municipality, talks about roofing areas, repairing bathrooms and painting.

    Nevertheless, in just days, its workers cleaned and conditioned so that the children could go to the Lidis Lamorú concert, and there they will also enjoy the La Colmenita tour.

    A little further south of the city, in the Horticultural Plan, the Arcoíris community project park was home to D'Morón Teatro, and the joy was not only for the children, but also for mothers and fathers, who even danced hula hoops and they sang with the clowns.

    Bolivia y Morón: obras sociales desde la esencia

    A sea of ​​children and families enjoying the show

    “What Orlando —Concepción— and the Company is doing is what we need, that they reach the communities, not just think about the city —commented Liván Izquierdo—. The only thing missing is for gastronomy to accompany this with economic offers”.

    Gastronomy is one of the strongest points, they point out, that should be worked on in the province. With this premise, the operation of the point of sale of the El Vaquerito Processing Center, recently opened on Tarafa Avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, was checked.

    The offer of the day included three types of fish, hamburgers, croquettes, ham and mixed sausage, which according to Ridel Luis González, director of the Center, have a demand that contributes between 20,000.00 and 30,000.00 CUP each day.

    The quality of life of Moron citizens in these months depends on gastronomy, and also on culture and recreation, with the children at home, on vacation.

    That is why guaranteeing destinations for the family, such as la Fuente and La Redonda Restaurants, both of the Palmares Extrahotelera Branch, with good treatment and an exquisite menu, was an observation of the day.

    But also to reinforce attractions such as Brisas de Bolivia Beach (better known as Cunagua) to which the authorities would later arrive, or El Turístico unit, in El Embarcadero, Morón, with a swimming pool, games and food at affordable prices for the humblest families.

    On Wednesday, coincidentally, a second pool was opened, for small children and, although they were not yet full, the boys were already hanging around and the restaurant was preparing its kitchens.

    A few meters away, El Embarcadero exhibited its second cause for joy: Medical Office Number 12, painted and arranged, and with Dr. Yenisey Suárez Hernández happy.

    As she herself explained, the property, where her house is also located, did not have a water installation, and today, in addition to what has been mentioned, even the furniture will be replaced.

    No effort is too little to put the office "as the nurse, the doctor and the community deserve it", highlighted the first secretary, especially because from there Yenisey, as she explains, faces chronic diseases, garbage dumps and vulnerability itself neighborhood economy.

    The same was explained in Sao Palma, a municipality in Bolivia, by Marislexy Hernández Gámez, a doctor from the Medical Office Number 8. There, 126,000.00 CUP were donated based on the construction actions, which today benefit 1,019 inhabitants. "The quality of social actions impacts the quality of life of the people," she made clear.

    Not far from there, Bolivia showed a work that, judging by the number of beneficiaries, or compared to the size of the Two Flags in the provincial capital, might seem insignificant, but it is, perhaps, one of the most important.

    With flowers in the garden and shiny paint, the Tomás Romay Chacón School will welcome its 16 children in September, almost new. 294,000.00 CUP were invested in painting, roofing, side aisles, carpentry... to resolve an old community complaint.

    Upon entering, Oscar Martinez Orozco, Director of Education, would explain the impact of the work and even the significance of the name of the school. But, before that, and even before mentioning the authorities present, his words were to thank Heidy, a six-year-old girl who beautifully danced La Bayamesa, in the voice of Eduardo Sosa, for her interpretive dance. There are small gestures, which refer to all essences.