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    Construction works inaugurated in Ciego de Ávila hospital

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    Approximately more than 30 million pesos was the investment in five work objects that were inaugurated in the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial General Teaching Hospital in the main city of Ciego de Ávila.

    Beyond the number, "the amount is incalculable in value and humanistic sensitivity, which translates into patients receiving quality medical care," were the words of the center's director, Dr. Alberto Moronta Enrique.

    With the contribution of the medium-sized company Media Luna, they restored vitality to the place where Ciego de Ávila citizens attend the most, in search of excellent services, the Guard Corps and its more than twelve spaces, among which are the two pediatric consultations, otorhinolaryngology, urology, traditional emergency, ophthalmology and ultrasound and electrocardiogram rooms.

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    The protocol room, where scientific events are held, was ready, and the purpose is to use it soon, if the organization of a new International Symposium on Arthroscopy is finally concluded.

    Likewise, the actions in the Department of Transfusions and in the Pediatric milk bank concluded, with the sponsorship of the Delegation of Hydraulic Resources and the Dairy Products Company, respectively.

    In greeting to the historic date of July 26, the pregnant women's room A, with 32 specialized beds for pregnant women at risk in the southern area of ​​the province, was rehabilitated by the Drinks and Refreshments Company.

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    Gesler Beltrán Suárez, head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics service at the institution, explained that “the benefits are innumerable when recovering a room that was practically distributed. The objective is that in the long stays of diabetics and other future mothers with urinary infections or other pathologies, they feel in a home environment.

    The premise will be to reduce the infant mortality rate to 3.5 per 1,000 live births, which in the first semester ends at 5.9, one of the worrying statistics for both the center and the province.

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    The first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Ciego de Ávila, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, toured the completed works, congratulating the work done by the different state companies and new economic actors, while insisting on correcting all the imperfect details that he observed his step.

    He expressed that "of all, the most important thing is that the hospital fulfills its social purpose, that it be the home of all inhabitants from Ciego de Ávila." He ratified that "yes, it can be done and that what has been done is nothing more than the expression of socialism, the expression of unity."

    Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor of the territory, stated that the activities do not end here and that "whatever is necessary to fully revive the hospital must be resolved" before the 1st. next January, when all of Cuba will commemorate the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.