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    The Electric Power Company forecasts an affectation of 650 MW for the peak hours during this Tuesday

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    La Unión Eléctrica pronostica una afectación de 650 MW para el horario pico de este martes

    Yesterday, the service was affected due to capacity deficit 24 hours a day. The maximum effect at night was 812 MW at 9:30 p.m., coinciding with peak hours. The service remained affected throughout the early hours of today.

    A maximum affectation of 650 MW is estimated during daytime hours.

    Units 6, 7 and 8 of CTE Mariel, unit of CTE Otto Parellada, unit 4 of CTE Cienfuegos, units 4 and 5 of CTE Nuevitas, unit 2 of CTE CTE Felton and unit 5 of the CTE Rente. The limitations in thermal generation (446 MW) are maintained.

    In distributed generation, 1,123 MW are unavailable due to breakdown and 437 MW are undergoing maintenance.

    For peak hours, the entry of unit 5 of the CTE Rente with 85 MW (in the startup process), the entry of unit 5 of the CTE Nuevitas with 110 MW (in the startup process) and the use of 157 MW in diesel engines.

    With this forecast, an availability of 2,657 MW and a maximum demand of 3,100 MW are estimated for peak hours, for a deficit of 443 MW, so if the forecast conditions are maintained, an affectation of 513 MW is forecast at the peak.

    All consumption restriction measures are implemented in the state sector.

    In his usual television appearance, Lázaro Guerra Hernández, Technical Director of the Electric Union, commented that yesterday's rise in demand due to the coincidence of several factors, including high temperatures, aggravated the situation, today the environment will be slightly better, he said that the program is underway to incorporate loads into the system and solve technological limitations.

    The manager asserted that they work intensely, but the objective reality does not allow improvements to be observed, he emphasized as a very important aspect that in each locality the means be created so that the population is informed, that they know when and how long they will be without electricity so that people can be planned.