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    Matanzas` Super Tanker Base: Minute-by-minute battle against the fire

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    Base de Supertanqueros de Matanzas: Batalla minuto a minuto contra el fuego

    The work to extinguish the fire does not stop in Matanzas. Cuban forces have been working to confront the incident since Friday as the situation remains complex.

    Until this Monday, the four tanks were compromised and the outlook has been made difficult by the high temperatures, the size of the tanks and the wind, factors that have caused firefighting strategies to be constantly changed, in what is has the experience of Mexico and Venezuela.

    According to Alexander Ávalos Jorge, deputy head of the National Extinction Department of the Cuban Fire Department, it is impossible to calculate when the fire will end, which can last several days.

    The provincial authorities reported that there are 904 people evacuated in state centers and 3,840 in the homes of relatives and friends. They are from the Livestock communities – it is behind the tanks – and Dubroq, the closest to the industrial zone. In the town of Versalles, which has about 21,000 inhabitants, there is no danger so far.