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    Social works will benefit the residents of Morón

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    Beneficiarán obras sociales a pobladores de Morón

    Social works with an impact on improving the quality of life in the municipality of Morón, including family doctor's offices (CMF) in vulnerable communities, were inaugurated in salute to the 96th birthday of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

    Belkys Chávez Fernández, director of Health in that territory, stressed that the new location of the CMF number 25, in the Patria popular council, ensures higher quality and the approach of primary care services to more than 900 residents, considering that before it was located in a shared and distant property.

    She highlighted that the investment amounted to 677 000 pesos and included installations of a pump and hydraulic network for the supply of drinking water.

    After approving the change of use of a premises belonging to UEB Acopio Morón, the medium-sized company JJD guaranteed, in just 25 days, the transformation of an old warehouse into a CMF with spaces for reception, nursing, consultation and bathroom, Junior Pérez Martínez, owner-administrator of the construction entity, explained.

    Beneficiarán obras sociales a pobladores de Morón

    The proximity facilitates the follow-up of patients, including 155 children and six pregnant women, as well as the transfer of the sick, Dr. Elia Beatriz Vargas Mora and Nurse Dianelis Rodríguez Díaz, who will serve in that health institution, emphasized.

    In the rural community of La Serrana, classified as vulnerable, the CMF also reopened its doors at the end of the renovation, which included the installation of the water service and the conditioning of the doctor's home to guarantee his permanence in the place.

    Beneficiarán obras sociales a pobladores de Morón

    The anniversary of Fidel's birth was also opportune for the delivery of the Doctor Mario Muñoz elementary school, recently restored by forces from the New Image Constructive Solutions project and located in El Embarcadero, another of the communities identified in the political map of the town.

    After the revival of its areas and equipment, the Luis Alfonso Velázquez Flores amusement park reopened, with multiple options for infants, so that an old wish of the Morón citizens is fulfilled.

    Beneficiarán obras sociales a pobladores de Morón

    Meanwhile, in El Vaquerito community, also in vulnerable conditions, a food sales point opened its doors, attached to the processing center whose name also honors Captain Roberto Rodríguez Fernández.

    Magdalena Lima, vice president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, accentuated that these works respond to the priorities established from the proposals of the voters in the accountability assemblies.

    Beneficiarán obras sociales a pobladores de Morón