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    To continue being Fidel

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    Para continuar siendo Fidel

    These tremendous days for all of Cuba, he has not ceased to be a presence. I have the impression that those who have invoked deities or an almighty God have included him in their prayers, convinced that he listens and that, as we have always been used to, he does not fail.

    The most atheists have stood up and as heirs of their lineage; they not only faced the flames. It has also faced the blows and attempts to discredit us (once again, as a hackneyed script, of a film that fails to be a box office); We have had to make it very clear that the youth we have is from Fatherland or Death and that, as a people, we no longer conceive of another path than that of victory.

    This August 13, Fidel turns 96 years old. In addition, I say Fulfillment, like this in the present, because he has not been absent for a second. Virtual and physical spaces, very real and tangible, have been filled with his figure, his ideas. The fortune of having him, from his legacy makes us feel safe, strengthened. It also forces us not to fail, to reinvent ourselves and above all not to faint.

    It is well known that one day Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz became Fidel. And that Fidel became a revolutionary, to also be "the politician, the combatant, the intellectual, the heir to Martí, the communist militant, the internationalist, the defender of every just cause, the most extraordinary human being born in Cuba in the century XX” (, admirable and admired.

    To continue being Fidel, it is essential to be courageous like him, it is to be worthy, it is to never lie, and it is also to live without having a price. It is being supportive and humanistic, because that distinguished him and made our Revolution stand out. Continuing the trajectory or the path traced by him implies knowing how to turn setbacks into victories. There is no withdrawal possible. From Fidel we learned to be bold.

    Turning 96 years old is staying in eternity, impregnated in a nation that comes to his thoughts daily, because the Undefeated Commander is simply essential.