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    Young creators evoke Fidel's birthday in Ciego de Ávila

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    Why we fight is the name of the day that the young creators star in for Fidel's 96th birthday and the 65th anniversary of the death of the Saíz brothers.

    Evocan cumpleaños de Fidel jóvenes creadores avileños

    Such evocation began this Friday with the screening of the homonymous documentary about Sergio and Luis Saíz Montes de Oca by the journalist Arletty White Morales.

    For his part, the Honorary Member of the Saíz Brothers Association Damián Betanzos Hernández held a discussion about the work of the Saíz brothers, including a poetry recital.

    For this Saturday, the day Why We Fight at the House of the Young Creator of Ciego de Ávila provides for the presentation of the book “Juventudes” in the morning, and in the evening a download of improvised verse with the project of repentismo Décima Cuerda.