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    Electoral authorities take possession of their positions ahead of the referendum in Ciego de Ávila

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    Autoridades electorales avileñas toman posesión de sus cargos de cara al referendo

    Before August 15, all the electoral authorities in Ciego de Ávila will take office, as part of the enlistment of the National Electoral Council and its structures at the grassroots level, in view of the referendum on the project of the Family Code, with an agreed date for the 25 next September.

    Marlenys Báez Valdivia, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Council, explained to Invasor that once this step has been completed ─which includes the signing of a Code of Ethics─, the electoral authorities in the constituencies and the municipalities will receive training for the organization of the referendum.

    Among the activities to be developed will be the conformation of the lists of voters; a process that requires, first, a house-to-house visit, to make a survey as close to reality as possible. Then, people will be able to check in the lists if they appear and request their inclusion, in case they are not in the census.

    It will be an action carried out not only by the electoral authorities, but also by the mass organizations in the neighborhoods, and it will run from August 15 to 30, Báez Valdivia specified.

    Even though the dynamic test for the referendum is scheduled for September 18, the political and administrative authorities of Ciego de Ávila want to check a week before that the entire process flows, from the organizational and logistical point of view.

    As has been reported, “all citizens over 16 years of age on the day of the referendum will have the right to vote, as established by the Constitution, in electoral processes, with the exception of those prevented by the circumstances provided for in the Constitution and the Law”.

    This was specified before the National Assembly of People's Power last July by Homero Acosta Álvarez, secretary of that legislative entity, and added that the question to be submitted for the consideration of the voters is the following: Do you agree with the Code of Families?, to which you can choose between Yes and No.