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    Arlen Regueiro Mas, his work and spirit remain

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    arlen regueiro mas

    Arlen Regueiro Mas has died and sadness overwhelms us. The illustrious writer, the vehement promoter, the tireless reader, the irreverent, the conscientious, the passionate bookseller... have died, and words are not enough to accurately recount his life.

    But what we could not afford was a farewell that was not up to his standards, that words did not do justice to his immensity or that sadness clouded this earthly goodbye, because, we are sure, from eternity the sharpness of his work and the beauty of each metaphor will continue to radiate.

    Since 1992, Arlen joined the ranks of the Saíz Brothers Association in Ciego de Ávila, of which he was vice president from 1998 to 2006, executive secretary to the present, and Honorary Member. He promoted the Tour of Poets and Troubadours Estrofa Nueva, he was appointed Consul of the Movement of Poets around the World and at the head of the Center for Literary Promotion "Raúl Doblado del Rosario" he revolutionized the ways of doing things.

    Among his published books are Pages of Water, Memories of the Body, Identity for Silence, As Fragile as Glass, Blackbird Forecasts, The Hunger of the Homeland and City of Portals I: The Poets. In addition, texts of his authorship are collected in various anthologies, magazines and websites.

    In recent years, to successful literary clubs such as Miércoles de Ceniza and workshops such as Brisa Nueva, it added El Rincón del Lector project for rare and used books, which, with excellent sales management, brought down walls and prejudices, demonstrating that literature can also be a profitable business that makes use of new information and communication technologies for good.

    From social networks on the Internet, displays of affection have come in bursts. The profile of the Saíz Brothers Association highlighted that "it was a joy of life and art to make you coincide in the path of young artists." While the Provincial Center for Books and Literature acknowledged, on this same social network, “his death will be irreparable for Ciego de Avila letters and culture. We are very sad, but always proud of the tireless human being that he was.”

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    The young writer Leonel Daimel García Aguilar pointed out that “I prefer the afternoons of the Brisa Nueva workshop, the reading of the book you lent me so that I could write that project that you did not like, with your advice and your recommendations from the Reader's Corner”.

    For the poet Roberto Carlos Armas “the journey will be more difficult, heavier, and more lonely. Your patience, your wisdom and the confidence that I found in you will be a treasure that I will take with me.”

    Lots of light for his soul, his work stays with us.