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    Cuba celebrates 97 years of the first Communist Party

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    Cuba celebrates this Tuesday the 97th anniversary of the founding of its first Communist Party, born to defend the interests of the working class and popular sectors. The organization was established on August 16, 1925 and is considered the successor to the Cuban Revolutionary Party (PRC), created by José Martí, and the antecedent of the current Communist Party of Cuba.

    An example of the conjunction of ideals that gave rise to the emergence of the first Marxist group in the Caribbean nation was that the founder of the PRC and socialist fighter Carlos Baliño, and the student leader Julio Antonio Mella participated in its constitution, along with others.

    This marked the deeply pro-independence and anti-imperialist vocation of that Party, which had among its objectives to join the Third International, inspired by Vladimir Ilich Lenin in 1919.

    Since its creation, the communist organization faced fierce repression, for which it went underground just 15 days after it was founded and until 1938.

    A year after the return to legality it adopted the name of the Communist Revolutionary Union, and in 1944 that of the Popular Socialist Party (PSP).

    His actions were always linked to the interests of the working class and in particular to the Confederation of Cuban Workers.

    Despite the constant persecution, the arduous battles of its members were decisive in the confrontation with bourgeois and dictatorial regimes, and in the promulgation of complementary laws that would make possible the progressive provisions included in the 1940 Constitution.

    In the years of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1959) they had to return to hiding, and in the insurrectionary struggle many of their militants lost their lives.

    After the revolutionary triumph of the 1st. January 1959, the unity process led by Fidel Castro led to the merger, in 1961, of the leftist political groups with the July 26 Movement and the Revolutionary Directorate, in the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations.

    This served as a background to establish the United Party of the Socialist Revolution of Cuba, which from 1965 adopted the name of the Communist Party of Cuba.