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    Central Bank: Enabled electronic channels for transfers from MLC accounts on magnetic cards

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    Banco Central: Habilitados canales electrónicos para transferencias desde cuentas en MLC en tarjetas magnéticas

    As part of the actions to implement the purchase operations of foreign currencies currently accepted in the country, transfers from MLC accounts supported on magnetic cards, issued by the Credit and Commerce Bank, have been enabled through the different electronic payment channels, Metropolitan Bank and Save Popular Bank, applying the new exchange rate when their destination is to accounts in CUP.

    In a note, the Central Bank of Cuba reported that it is also possible, from the Transfermóvil application, to carry out all operations from MLC accounts, applying the new exchange rate when the destination is a CUP account.

    According to the BCC, work continues to enable all the options and through all the electronic channels available to the national banking system.