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    Final version of the Family Code published in the Official Gazette

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    The final version of the new Family Code, which this September 25 will be submitted to a popular referendum, is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic No. 87, Ordinary.

    • Download the Family Code here

    On June 22, the National Assembly of People's Power unanimously approved this Law, after a broad popular consultation process.

    The approved version (number 25) modified 49.15 percent of the articles in relation to the previous proposal, based on the proposals derived from the debates, and incorporated questions that represent 2.06 percent of the document.

    Those modifications did not include changes that would limit people's equal access to family-legal institutions such as marriage, de facto affective union, adoption and assisted reproduction techniques, nor those that undermine the positive notion of upbringing without violence, parental responsibility and the progressive autonomy of children and adolescents.

    Oscar Silvera Martínez, Minister of Justice, signified during the sessions of the Assembly, that it is a worthy norm, a reflection of the reality of Cubans and a guarantor of the Constitution of the Republic and its principles.

    "This Law is more solid because it is impregnated with popular sovereignty, revolutionary essence, protection of rights and a high human value", underlined the head, and insisted that it does not regulate rigid or pre-established family models, but that it encourages everyone to access the protection of family institutions.