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    Cepil offers alternatives to the Neonatology service in Ciego de Ávila

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    Cepil ofrece alternativas al servicio de Neonatología en Ciego de Ávila

    The task of the Juan Antonio Márquez de Ciego de Ávila Company of Brushes and Plastic Items (Cepil) at the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial Hospital was to repair walls and paint the Neonatology Room, but the sponsorship went further and ended in innovation that will recover the much-needed nurseries where newborn babies sleep.

    José Ángel Luis Alemán, director of Cepil's Base Maintenance and Machining Business Unit, at the head of the builders' brigade, explained to Invasor that they entered the care center to plaster walls, make a couple of plateaus in the Laminate Flow department (where the milk for newborns is prepared) and paint; moreover, in the exchange with the specialists in the room, they identified the potential of one of the molds used in the factory to supply the lack of the plastic component of the cribs.

    As it was confirmed by Dr. Ladisbel Rodríguez Placeres, head of the Neonatology Service, a dozen of these nurseries were unusable due to the lack of the plastic basket. This component must be sterilized before each use and, between time and disinfection, the available park was reduced without there being an alternative until now.

    Therefore, adapting the bathtubs that Cepil sells was an innovation and surprise in the midst of a tense logistical and financial situation that prevents the health system from replacing broken cribs. Yenny Alarcón Pérez, director of the Quality System at Juan Antonio Márquez, confirmed that the raw material was totally virgin and no pigments were added, in order to maintain visibility towards the interior, a fundamental requirement of newborn care.

    So far, two fully adapted cribs have already been delivered and Cepil is working on another nine, which will be added to the 35 in use today in the Puerperium and Neonatology wards. "They will arrive on time ─ doctor Ladisbel meant ─ for the rise in births that historically occurs in the second half of the year."

    The contribution of the company, recognized with the Ciego de Ávila`s Heartbeat distinction, has also materialized in the delivery of modules to the room staff, as well as the supply of buckets, baskets, brooms and basins for daily work that, complying with the protocols of innocuousness and biological security, has not been interrupted in the midst of the constructive impulse of which the hospital institution is the epicenter.

    With the enlistment and temporary arrangement of the curettage room as a delivery room, births return to the hospital, which had been transferred to the Roberto Rodríguez de Morón, as it was confirmed in recent days by Dr. Alberto Moronta Enrique, director of the Luaces Iraola.