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    The identity of the 14 disappeared in the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base was revealed

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    Dan a conocer identidad de los 14 desaparecidos en el incendio de la Base de Supertanqueros de Matanzas

    The names of the 14 people, who disappeared after the explosion of the second tank at the Matanzas Super Tanker Base, in the early hours of August 6, were released this Thursday.

    As reported at a press conference yesterday by Dr. Jorge González Pérez, who was in charge of the multidisciplinary group in charge of the search and identification, it was not possible to absolutely identify the remains of the victims.

    The President of the Cuban Society of Legal Medicine explained that, as a result of the expert work around tank 51 (known as tank two), 754 small bone fragments were recovered, divided into 14 groups, which were transferred to the laboratory for analysis. characterization.

    However, it was impossible to carry out the comparison of prints, analysis of the teeth, or DNA analysis; due to the high temperatures to which the remains were subjected; a conclusion endorsed by the international experts consulted. That is, it cannot be established to which person they belong.

    The control and extinction of the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base constituted a heroic act in which personal and collective courage prevailed and meant a new epic for our people.

    As a fair tribute to those who fell in the line of duty, the President of the Republic of Cuba agreed to decree Official Duel, from 06:00 on August 18 until 12:00 at night on August 19, 2022.

    During the validity of the Official Duel, the Lone Star Flag must be hoisted at half-staff in public buildings and military institutions.

    It was added to the list of deceased, which amounts to a total of 16: the first water tank operator Juan Carlos Santana Garrido, from the Camilo Cienfuegos Oil Refinery Fire Department, and the young officer Elier Manuel Correa Aguilar, Chief of a professional firefighter car at the Matanzas Airport Command.


    Adriano Rodríguez Gutiérrez, soldier, Matanzas; Andy Mitchel Ramos Sotolongo, First Lieutenant, Havana; Areskys Quintero Orta, Captain, Mayabeque; Dios del Nazco Vargas, First Noncommissioned Officer, Matanzas; Fabián Naranjo Núñez, soldier, Matanzas; Leo Alejandro Doval Pérez de Prado, soldier, Matanzas; Luis Ángel Álvarez Leyva, Matanzas; Luis Raúl Aguilar Zamora, Havana; Michel Rodríguez Roman, soldier, Mayabeque; Osley Marante Guerra, Havana; Osmani Blasco Sosa, Mayabeque; Pablo Ángel López Martell, Matanzas; Raciel Alonso Martínez Naranjo, Havana and Rolando Oviedo Sosa, Mayabeque.