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    Special electoral colleges will be enabled in Ciego de Ávila

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    Referendo del Código de las Familias 02

    The authorization of 11 special polling stations for the referendum process of the Family Code in the province of Ciego de Ávila will ensure the right to vote for voters who are distant from their areas of residence for work, educational and personal reasons.

    Marlenys Báez Valdivia, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Council (CEP), specified that this would guarantee the participation of voters who, on September 25, remain in work, educational and hospital centers, in addition to reporting benefits for people in transit through this region.

    She explained that a special electoral college would be established on a vessel of the Azulmar Navy, located in the municipality of Venezuela, which will make a tour through points of concentration of workers from the Júcaro Pesquera and South Conservation business units.

    This college on the high seas, formed for previous electoral processes,  has facilitated the suffrage of more than 600 voters, citizens and workers in the fishing sector in the province of Cienfuegos who carry out their activities in areas of the Jardines de la Reina Archipelago, she explained.

    Travelers who arrive at the National Bus Terminal and the Railway Station of the city of Ciego de Ávila will be able to vote at ballot boxes located in these public spaces; meanwhile, in the two provincial hospitals they will also open special polling stations that will enable the act to patients, companions and service personnel, she added.

    She stressed that the teachers and students of the "Ramón Paz Borroto" Provincial Defense Preparation School, located in the municipality of Morón, will also have a ballot box on their campus.

    The Jardines del Rey tourist destination will have five that will be located in the Aguas Cayo Coco company, the international airport, the Military Construction Unit and two hotel facilities, which represents an opportunity for the more than 10,000 workers in that development zone.

    In all cases, the electoral authorities are defined, selected among the labor forces of the aforementioned entities, trained to perform their functions and committed to the quality of the process, she emphasized.

    Marlenys Báez Valdivia vicepresidenta del Consejo Electoral Provincial CEP

    As part of the actions prior to September 25, the date set for the referendum on the Family Code, during the month of August the electoral authorities at the constituency level took office and were trained, she stressed.

    Likewise, the lists of voters were printed and posted on murals, so that the data can be verified to correct possible errors, a purpose to which the house-to-house verification visits by the electoral authorities and representatives of mass organizations contribute in the neighborhoods.

    As the date of the referendum approaches, other priorities include the preparation of documentation and the means of transportation, information technology and communications, in addition to food for the personnel who will intervene in the assurance.

    When the school year begins in pre-university, technical-professional education centers and universities will provide training on how to exercise the right to vote to those arriving at electoral age, added the vice president of the CEP.

    In the province of Ciego de Ávila, a total of 895 polling stations will be set up in schools, work centers, family doctor's offices and 69 family homes, which are estimated to be attended by some 331,928 voters, according to the CEP.

    Báez Valdivia insisted on the importance of studying and continuing to disseminate the benefits of the new Family Code through all possible channels so that voters consciously attend the polls to vote for a regulation that favors everyone, even when there are disagreements with certain headings.