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    Summer tide in the Majagua River

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    Marea de verano en el río de Majagua

    There are those who say that the face of the people of Majagua is the reflection of the river: joy if it runs like a torrent, and sadness if it shows its spine and does not show the necessary strength to jump the concrete dam that dams its waters, as has happened in repeatedly.

    It was spring that this time the river would be cheerful and wide and give the opportunity for natives and foreigners to enjoy its waters, clear as almost never.

    Between the drought, Covid-19 and the contamination of the current, the residents of the municipality, the province of Ciego de Ávila itself and other neighboring territories took five years to enjoy the benefits of the current again.

    Too much waiting to visit one of the most emblematic summer places in the territory, so much so that, this year, as on repeated occasions, it was the venue in the province for the beginning of the summer stage, which, although it does not have the bonanza of periods above, plans to reach the last corner of geography of Ciego de Ávila with options for the whole family, a design in which the potentialities of each territory will play an important role, which will have to appeal, fundamentally, to their self-management and local talent, that which is left over in municipalities such as Majagua, Florencia, Chambas and Bolivia, just to name a few.

    La Playita Recreational Complex is made up of cabins, a restaurant, a bar, a dance floor and bathing areas, which many compare to the freshwater pools of the San Juan River, in the westernmost of Cuba's provinces, to which is added the cabins of good comfort, which open their doors, prior reservation by phone (33-39-94-65) or with the presence of the guest in the place itself.

    The Complex, converted into a Base Business Unit (UEB) since May 1, 2021, gained autonomy as of that date and no longer feels tied to the Trading Company.

    "We have our own form of management, more flexible, more autonomous as we have our own financing, the result of the work of 41 workers, most of them women," says Mireya Marrero Martín, a very well-established party leader who has been here for some time UEB reins.

    Marea de verano en el río de Majagua

    The Creole slide, among the preferred options of those who visit the river

    The Complex works, almost, with the precision of the most exact clock, several people questioned by Granma agree during the visit, which lasted several hours.

    Limitations with electricity, and the high prices of products sold by vendors on their own, plus a certain degree of shortages could be causes of dissatisfaction, but, it is known, these realities are not only exclusive to the place, the municipality or the Province.

    Emigdio Correa López, a sixth-year medical student, arrived from Havana to enjoy the river, "the best in the province," as he says. "Every summer I make the necessary time to come here and enjoy together with my friends."

    The Carmona Reina family took a "jump" from the neighboring city of Jatibonico, in the province of Sancti Spíritus, and makes up for the "blackouts" with a dip in the river, with the beer dispensed or with the enjoyment of the fresh air that arrives from the northeast.

    One crosses the river through the only existing suspension bridge in the province of Ciego de Ávila and reaches the bathing area, where hundreds of people enjoy themselves under the scrutinizing magnifying glass of the lifeguards, who also watch over those who enter a kind of slide Creole, tube 12 meters long and 600 millimeters wide, built in Ciegoplast, and "born" there by the ingenuity of the workers in the desire to make a different summer and look for alternatives that entertain the visitor.

    Nancy Rodríguez Sarmiento, a receptionist for more than 20 years in the same job, assures that the motel has remained at the top of its capacity, but the true degree of assistance to the Complex is given by the parking lot. "If there are 10 or 12 buses parked, it's a good sign, but so far the number hasn't been that high, although we expect that to happen at any time," he clarifies.

    "If we were the provincial headquarters of the activities for the beginning of the summer, we also intend to be the venue for the closing ceremony," Mireya remarks, aware of the smallest detail of what happens in the Complex.

    «If something distinguishes La Playita, it is the Sunday matinee, he comments. Activities for children in the morning and for adults in the afternoon. We try to conserve as much supply for that day," he reveals.

    Not only the Majagua River is the protagonist in the current summer in Ciego de Ávila. As a novelty, Yankiel DJ and his Habana Team Cuba project are preparing the backpack for the tour throughout the province, with the production of a great show that, under the motto "Let's go with everything without losing a day", seeks to reach, more than the main squares, to locations far from the municipal capitals such as Ranchuelo, Pesquería and Punta Alegre.

    If something has characterized the summer in Ciego de Ávila, it is the breadth of recreational offers, which reach the most intricate communities, with initiatives such as street plans and competitions for those who like physical exercise; At the same time, schools in rural areas, once teaching activities had ceased, opened their doors for healthy recreation, so that the integration between the different organizations paves the way for the achievement of a summer with opportunities for all tastes and the ages.