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    Cuban Radio: the sound of a country

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    aniversario 100 radio cubana

    It is dawning. Before the first strain of coffee of the day is put on the fire, a home approaches the outside world through the ether. At the wrong time, the dial indicates that the driver's pact with the loneliness of the road has ended. While watching the frying pan, someone tunes in a station waiting for his favorite soap opera. While on the other side of the door the wind whistles, people gathered around the radio, the trajectory of a cyclone is reported. With the hope fixed on the scope of this means of communication, a new musician awaits his debut.

    On August 22, 1922, Luis Casas Romero and his son Luis Casas Rodríguez put on the air the first radio broadcast in Cuba and the daily life of the Greater Antilles made radio broadcasting a vital space.

    With a low-power plant, located at Ánimas Street No. 99, 2LC became the station that, with the cannon shot, began its musical programming, accompanied by the weather forecast. Unique in our country, one of the first in the continent.

    We would also be pioneers in female speech in Latin America: Zoila Casas Rodríguez joined the family feat. Later we would bequeath the radio soap opera to the world.

    Radio is the closeness that is created between the announcer and his listener. It is the intimacy of the whisper, the story that, through the word, penetrates the temples, the accompanying voice, the possibility of listening to images, the paths retraced by people.

    One hundred years of continuous transmissions; more than 60 being –in the words of Fidel– «the heavy artillery of the Revolution». The radio in Cuba is the sound of a country.