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    Repairs continue in Ciego de Ávila`s hospital (+ Photos)

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    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 6

    The execution of some 70 objects of works, in charge of various economic actors, enables improvements in the infrastructure of the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial General Teaching Hospital (ALI), in the province of Ciego de Ávila, to offer superior care to patients.

    Dr. Alberto Moronta Enrique, director of that institution, highlighted the complexity of the work in recently completed spaces such as the Guard Corps and the Pregnant A and Perinatal Care rooms, where even the recovery of clinical furniture was achieved.

    He pointed out the importance of granting use value to resources with a high level of deterioration, which expands the possibilities of medical assistance and allows facing the existing deficiencies in the country as a consequence of the limitations imposed by the US blockade and economic difficulties for imports.

    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 12

    It also considered the construction actions in the Delivery and Cesarean Unit, Room D of Internal Medicine and the Kitchen-Dining Room, from the allocation of a millionaire budget that allows capital repairs to recover the vitality of those spaces.

    The renovations cover roofs and exterior and interior areas, including replacement of false ceilings, hydraulic, sanitary and electrical networks, carpentry and lighting; in addition to veneers and painting work that promote a definitive change in the image.

    The Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Pediatric Surgery rooms, the Burn Unit, the operating rooms, the Milk Bank, Legal Medicine, the Transfusion Department, the Protocol Room, Medical Stay and the family care area have also received benefits of seriously ill patients.

    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 14

    Two other works, the Microbiology and Clinical laboratories, started practically from scratch by defining new spaces after approving a change of use of the previous area, currently destined for the future pediatric hospital of the province of Ciego de Ávila, he explained.

    Under the 43 measures approved in the country to stimulate the business sector and based on previous experiences, the restorations in the ALI are assumed by state entities, local development projects, and small and medium-sized companies, who express their obligations in this social way.

    The initiative is part of the political movement Latir Avileño, aimed at promoting transformations with popular participation and the factors that intervene in the economic and social life of the territory, in a way that increases the production of goods and services with higher quality.

    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 13

    The works are carried out with funding from Public Health, the Provincial Government of the People's Power and contributions from the organizations that work and sponsor the different areas of the hospital, the last one, also promoters of donations of materials and supplies to facilitate the performance of the doctors and the medical care, he explained.

    Moronta Enrique recognized the efforts of the entities involved in the renovation, some of which had to hire construction services to fulfill that responsibility, taking into account that their corporate objectives are not related to construction activities, therefore, they lacked the strength and means specialized.

    The constructive movement has been developed without affecting the services in the different areas, which implies agility of the construction forces and organizational capacity of the directors of the medical institution, in addition to the support and understanding of the patients about the need and complexity of the actions, he stressed.

    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 5

    Along with the constructive transformations, a communication campaign is promoted, based on a strategy and an identity manual that define a visual identifier, the standardized use of colors and fonts according to the sector, actions aimed at internal and external audiences, the presence in social networks and working relationships with the press.

    With 27 hospitalization rooms and 507 admission capacities, the ALI serves the more than 250,000 inhabitants of the center and south of the territory.

    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 9

    In the province, it assumes the care of critically ill mothers and newborns weighing less than 1,500 grams, and the services of Intensive Cardiology, Pediatric Surgery and Burns, the latter extended to infants in Sancti Spíritus.

    The provincial centers for Infertility, Medical Genetics, and Diabetic Patient Care and Education are also attached to this institution.

    reparación en el hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Ciego de Ávila 7