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    UNEAC: to create the future

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    aniversario 61 de la uneac

    The participatory vocation of Cuban writers and artists is expressed today in their contributions to community transformations that cannot be postponed, to the leap in quality that is expected in the institutional system of culture and the media, and to confront attempts at recolonization that seek to fracture the model of society that the vast majority of Cubans have freely decided to build.

    On the 61st anniversary of Uneac, founded on August 22, 1961, the priorities are articulated in programs coordinated by the five associations that make up the organization – Writers, Plastic Artists, Musicians, Scenic Artists, and Cinema, Radio and Television. – Its provincial committees and branches and the permanent work commissions that contribute ideas and proposals in the fields of education, artistic education, the media, heritage, community social work, cultural industries, the fight against racism and the gender equality.

    These actions do nothing more than confirm, as Luis Morlote, president of Uneac, has said, the commitment of writers and artists to the revolutionary historical tradition of the intellectual movement, to the highest qualities in creation and its impact on the spiritual climate of the nation.

    Under these principles, the commemorative evening will take place this Monday at the national headquarters, when tribute is paid to the founder of the organization, the poet Nicolás Guillén, and the advent of the new anniversary is celebrated with Cuban music.

    As a living memory, fully valid, is Fidel's call at the closing of the First Uneac Congress: «The work of all of us is the future. And the future is much more important than the present, and the fruits of that future will be much more important than us».