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    Message from the Governor of Ciego de Ávila to those who defend Cuban culture

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    22 de agosto Radio Cubana UNEAC2

    We celebrate two fruitful anniversaries this August 22: the centenary of Cuban Radio and the 61 years of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). Both fill us with joy and pride. We owe both institutions respect and admiration.

    The UNEAC was born and with it came the culmination of a Congress that devoted itself to the unity of the intellectual movement around the triumphant revolution. It was the moment to formulate the principles of our culture, for which human development became the essential axis of the new society, and sealed the identity between the vanguard of Cuban creators and the political vanguard of the country.

    Transcendental fact, preceded by the memorable Words to the Intellectuals, a speech delivered by the Commander in Chief, that June 30, 1961, with which the path of cultural creation in Cuba was set out, indisputably converted into a sword and shield of the nation.

    The birth of radio in our country, which occurred almost four decades before the founding of the UNEAC, determined the appropriation of a phenomenon that was not only cultural, but also social.

    When the flutist and composer Luis Casas Romero promoted the first transmission of the plant installed in his house, he made Cuba very soon become one of the international benchmarks of radio broadcasting, in the Latin American avant-garde. Assuming challenges and challenges, we are convinced that the fidelity and professionalism of those who make the radio will never be lacking.

    In Ciego de Ávila, we feel privileged since prestigious members of the UNEAC are distinguished radio broadcasters. The people recognize them and appreciate their dedication. We trust in your ability to continue defending and exposing the best of the national cultural heritage. Intelligence, passion and convictions beat very strongly in each and every one.

    Congratulations and hugs arrive for those who are from their trenches, with the Revolution, for all time. 

    Tomas Alexis Martin Venegas

    Governor of Ciego de Ávila