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    The Personal Data Protection Law is published in the Official Gazette

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    Law 149 on the Protection of Personal Data, approved by the National Assembly of People's Power on May 14, has just been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba in its Ordinary Edition No.90.

    The new norm offers people the security of accessing to data in records, files, databases and public information; also by being insterested in modifications, corrections, updates and cancels, according to a note from the Ministry of Justice (Minjus by its Spanish initials).

    You can download the Gazette here

    The use and processing of these data responds to the constitutional mandate to establish a set of powers against third parties to limit a request, prohibit access and use of personal data, legitimize consent for such actions and endorse the obligation to inform people of the issues that concern them.

    In addition, it guarantees people control over their data and avoids the possibility of any invasion in the transmission of their personal rights, intimate or not, for purposes other than those legally permitted.

    Minjus affirms this is a necessary legislation, since technological advances, and especially digital environments and their impact on the development of people's economic, political and social life, demonstrate their usefulness in the face of the necessary flow of information exchange staff.

    This Law proposes the existence of records, files, databases of a public or private, physical or digital nature, and establishes the actions of protection against the inappropriate use and without authorization of the owner, of their personal data.

    The use of personal data, image, voice, personal identity, honor and privacy by the mass media, as well as any natural or legal person, is also regulated.