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    Ciego de Ávila Television celebrates its twenty-second anniversary

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    Aniversario de Television Avileña

    With the farewell of Isela Nelson Charles and Néstor Renato Labrada, the twenty-second anniversary of Ciego de Ávila Television was celebrated this Tuesday, a telecentre that, from the most identity essences, is the image and mirror of the Ciego de Ávila heartbeat.

    Both workers reach their retirement with outstanding results in their professional performance. Isela Nelson as deputy director of the channel and Néstor Labrada as journalist and director of programs.

    Nairoby Terry Segrera, general director of Ciego de Ávila Television congratulated the group for their sacrifice and dedication in the daily work of recreating in images not only the socioeconomic reality of the territory, but also the dreams and hopes of its people.


    For the celebrations of Ciego de Ávila Television on its twenty-second anniversary, the Unión Clave group, and the actors Roberto Castillo and Manuel Alfonso of the Provincial Council of Performing Arts performed for its workers.