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    Ciego de Ávila citizens will turn the referendum into a victory for the Revolution

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    encuentro de la máxima dirección de la provincia ciego de ávila con directores de empresas 1

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Cuba Communist Party in Ciego de Ávila, today expressed the conviction that the inhabitants of this province will turn the popular referendum on the Family Code into another victory for the Revolution.

    During the monthly exchange with the provincial directors, he checked the assurances to develop this process on September 25, when it is estimated that more than 331,900 voters will attend 895 polling stations to vote.

    The also member of the Central Committee of the Party reiterated that a regulation that contemplates every aspect of the diversity of families will be taken to a referendum, in such a way that it offers solutions, alternatives and possibilities to all people, in any circumstance, as the experts have highlighted.

    The spaces for voting will be located in schools, workplaces, medical offices and 69 family homes, according to the Provincial Electoral Council (CEP).

    Besides, 11 special polling stations will be enabled to ensure the right to vote for people who are outside their places of residence for work, educational and personal reasons.

    The latter will open at the National Bus and Railway terminals in the main municipality, the provincial hospitals, the Ramón Paz Borroto Defense Preparation School, an Azulmar Navy vessel and facilities at the Jardines del Rey tourist destination.

    The electoral authorities took office on the scheduled date, have received training and participated in practical exercises, which will enable the quality of the process.

    encuentro de la máxima dirección de la provincia ciego de ávila con directores de empresas 3

    During the month of August, the lists of voters were printed and published, so that the data could be verified to correct possible errors, a purpose to which house-to-house verifications also contributed, in charge of the electoral authorities and representatives of mass organizations in the neighborhoods.

    Material resources (documentation, means of transportation, information technology and communications, and food) are guaranteed, in addition to providing energy support, assurances that will be verified on September 18 during the dynamic test.

    When the 2021-2022 school year resumes, training is given in Higher Secondary, Technical-Professional and Higher education centers to explain to those arriving at electoral age how to exercise the right to vote.

    Marlenys Báez Valdivia, vice president of the CEP, reiterated the importance of continuing to publicize the benefits of the new Family Code so that voters attend the polls, in a conscious manner, to vote for a regulation that favors everyone, even when there are disagreements with certain headings.