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    ETECSA in Ciego de Ávila: customer service as a premise

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    ETECSA en Ciego de Ávila: atención al cliente como premisa

    Wilfredo Rodríguez Rodríguez is convinced that the pillar of the results of the Territorial Division of ETECSA in Ciego de Ávila, which he directs, go beyond numbers and the installation of new services.

    "Ciego de Ávila Heartbeat distinction (which was recently awarded to the company) was designed to encourage the business sector to offer a quality service and is for us a recognition of the direct and telephone commercial attention that we have implemented for some time now”.

    It is not just about good treatment or the willingness to solve customer problems, it also speaks of the constant effort they make, mainly the executives, to instruct those who call or come due to ignorance rather than some technical flaw in the use of equipment and technologies. .

    “And they do it, too, with reduced hours due to blackouts, as they also did in the pandemic, or on night shifts, because the telephone service does not stop. I think it is also a recognition of the way in which we manage queues with Covid-19, giving shifts by phone”.

    Wilfredo does not exaggerate with the maximum of work: communications are 365 days, and 24 hours. "There may be breakdowns at night, but at dawn we have to intervene on the pole, or the tower, which we couldn't do at night due to safety regulations." In addition, for that, both the provincial capital and a rural community count equally, or should do so.

    The confinement imposed by the coronavirus pandemic was made more bearable thanks to connections to social networks on the Internet and other digital platforms. During this time, the territorial division of the Telecommunications Company in Ciego de Ávila kept its profits “online”.

    Moreover, it is precisely a territorial approach that has distinguished the strategy of new facilities or availability of services in the province throughout this 2022.

    It is better explained for each service. While fixed telephony lags behind in the rest of the world, making way for other technologies, it continues to be in demand here and is covered following a worldwide logic: being more noble, robust and economical in our context, the company has reserved it in mostly for small towns.

    Thus, for example, the neighborhood of Canaleta, in the provincial capital, and that of La Yuca (Ciro Redondo), have received more than 800 new services, with the consequent distribution of pairs, cables and other implements that are manufactured almost to exclusive order.

    It is added to small marketing processes in communities such as Marroquí, this year nearly 3,000 new devices have led to a figure of 40,659 households with telephones throughout the province, and 58,156 lines in total, according to data provided by Aleida Sotolongo Díaz, Head of the Commercial Department of the Division.

    The same logic follows the public telephone service, now in its modality of agent centers in houses of communities with less than 100 inhabitants. The objective is to guarantee at least a minimum service, to communicate with people who generally reside in intricate places. It happened in Macaniyal and Portada Espinosa, both from Chambas, and the goal is to reach all of them.

    A total of 12 communities, no longer as small as those mentioned above, are identified as lacking any means of Internet connection, such as Los Perros or Vicente. In the first, a Wi-Fi access point was installed this year (also at El Puesto, in Chambas), and the second is waiting for the next installation of a technical point that will improve the services associated with its radio base. Two more should receive some means of connectivity before the end of 2022.

    One of the greatest demands that must be met is, without a doubt, the Nauta Hogar service, although almost a third of the accumulated total has been installed this year, the more than 3,000 capacities, distributed mainly in Ciego de Ávila, Morón, Chambas and Ciro Redondo still “runs out right away”.

    In a context of shortcomings and technical limitations, "and with first world demands", as Wilfredo says, for a technology company located in a province with several rural areas and areas with uneven development, it is not insignificant that telephone density reaches about 60 percent of its inhabitants. Besides, thinking of services in terms of resolving primary needs first is the most appropriate thing to do.