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    ONAT reports a debt of 1,577 million pesos during the program against Tax Evasion

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    ONAT informa de una deuda de 1 577 millones de pesos durante programa contra Evasión Fiscal

    The Program to Confront Non-Compliance and Tax Evasion, which has been running since last June, determined a debt of 1,577 million pesos, of which 500 have been collected, the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) indicates.

    According to the agency, in a report published on its website, until August more than 338 200 taxpayers had not made the payments of taxes on Personal Income and Sales and Services.

    Of this figure, 154 103 defaulters were investigated, confirming 124 190 as debtors, the source states.

    The largest amount, it adds, corresponds to the provinces of Havana, Guantánamo, Holguín and Sancti Spíritus.

    A total of 34 094 taxpayers were identified who have not submitted their sworn declarations and made the annual liquidation of taxes on Personal Income, Utilities and Non-Tax Income, of which 5 398 were fined.

    With regard to breaches related to the transfer of property, 6,017 buyers did not pay the Tax, and 10,734 sellers have not paid the personal income tax.

    In addition, when analyzing the information sent by the banking system, the ONAT found that 979 taxpayers should have paid 31 million pesos in taxes, and only paid 16 million.

    The communication explains that these taxpayers received income from various sources, which were not taken into account in the calculation of their taxes and, therefore, they underreported.

    According to the text, the Program, whose main objective is to boost income to the State Budget, has executed more than 122 800 actions on non-compliance with current obligations in the fiscal field of natural and legal persons.