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    Baseball, Cultural Heritage of the Nation

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    Así sí: Béisbol Patrimonio Cultural de la nación 

    Two greats player greet each other after so many years: Lázaro Santana and Miguel Cuevas

    Imagine, dear reader, if through the amplification of the stadium you hear that Luis Ulacia, Sergio Quesada, Reinaldo Fernández, among others, appear in the visiting team's lineup, and in the local squad's Lisdey Díaz, Yorelvis Charles, Yoelvis Fiss... and that Lázaro Santana will be in charge of uploading the box.

    You would think even more that it was a dream when at the opening ceremony an emblematic figure of Cuban baseball from those early years of the 1960s, the almost ninety-year-old Sol Miguel Cuevas Piedra, with his mere presence reminded us of those home runs that so many happiness they gave to Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila citizens.

    How did the magic happen? It was enough for a trio of young people from that town —Jasiel Gayón, Enelio Pie García and Lázaro Omar Pérez—, along with another baseball glory from that territory, Felipe Sarduy Carrillo, to decide to make the dream come true. Moreover, they did it in a big way, because before the sporting event the participants were able to enjoy the second shooting of the documentary Life in a minute, dedicated to the true Iron Arm of Cuban baseball.

    Saturday morning made it possible for Viyoandry Odelín, Angel Castillo, Carlos Ferié, Maximiliano Armenteros, José Carlos Sarduy, Marino Luis, Felipe Fernández, Oscar Sarduy, Omar Fraga, Félix Both, Enrique Ortega, Roberto González, Julian Pipper, to share joys and anecdotes. Jorge and Anselmo Hernández, Juan Carlos Iznaga, Rodolfo Quintana, Tomas Creo and other athletes who in different decades made baseball history in both provinces.

    It is not with words, but with events like this, that baseball must be ratified as a Cultural Heritage of the nation.