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    Alexis Soto: commitments and motivations for a Code

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    The young Alexis Soto Torí, graduated in 2021 from the Máximo Gómez Báez University, with a Gold Degree in Law, joined the Ciego de Ávila Legal Services Company to complete his job training period, whose professionals have been integrated into the processes inherent to the renewal of the Family Code.

    His participation in moments such as the referendum was notorious, due to his ability to clarify doubts for the population and, without vulgarizing legal knowledge, convey clear, concise messages devoid of technicalities to facilitate understanding of the proposed law.

    Due to the extension of the regulations, from the first moments he perceived the complexity of the analysis and the initiative arose to carry out a comparative study with the Family Code in force since 1975, taking into account the interest in disseminating the advantages of what is presented.

    It focused on grouping the novelties of the recent proposal, with the aim of ensuring the clarification of doubts (one of the objectives of the popular consultation) and attendance at the polls with full clarity of the benefits that the new regulations bring, in correspondence with the updating of the legal basis and the economic and social transformations in the country.

    This work tool is also in line with the articles that have sparked the most controversy during the exchanges with the population, fundamentally those related to progressive autonomy, parental responsibility, kinship relations, solidary gestation, family communication, obligation to give food, adoption and marriage.

    Articles referring to the establishment of a digital environment free of violence and others closely related to the protection of infants, adolescents, the elderly and the disabled were considered.

    Soto Torí reaffirms protection as one of the main purposes of the new Family Code, which is evidenced in articles whose dimension is not understood without being contextualized or deepening the reading and analysis of the bill.

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    He argues that it is important to understand that progressive autonomy, replacing parental authority, does not represent limitations on the rights of minors, but the recognition of their ability to participate, for example, in decision-making in the family environment, in the insofar as its development facilitates it.

    Modifications to family relationships also have social and legal support by recognizing ties such as socio-affective ones, in exceptional situations and with the approval of the competent authorities; and requirements for adoption and solidary gestation are also established.

    He pointed out as an advantage the suppression of discriminatory elements in marriages, ensuring rights in cases of breakup of relationships or the death of one of the members of the couple, as well as the recognition of new forms of alliance such as the so-called affective de facto union.

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    He explained that this last case benefits people who have a common life project without living together, so that after five years, the value of the union is similar to marriage and, if the separation occurs, rights over the assets are guaranteed for both parts.

    The new legislation is projected by the improvement of family communication by promoting the inclusion of all its members in decision-making in this area; In addition to establishing the obligation to provide food, which includes not only nutritional support, but also the responsibility to support economically and materially in circumstances that the Code clarifies, he specified.

    Other values ​​are the pronouncement in favor of persons limited from exercising other economic activities for assuming the care of infants, adolescents, minors and disabled adults, in a way that the principle of social justice characteristic of the Cuban political system is made clear, he said.

    He pointed out that the processes inherent in the new Family Code have been a challenge and an opportunity to improve for professionals specialized in other branches of legal work, such as those of the Legal Services Company of Ciego de Ávila, linked, for the most part, to the exercise of Commercial Law by advising economic entities for compliance with the law in their management.

    On a personal level, he had preferences for Criminal Law and when he started working life motivations arose for the Mercantile, meanwhile, the mission of accompanying the processes of Popular Consultation and Referendum of the Family Code, aroused in him attractions for the branch Civil, he declared.

    Soto Torí, convinced of the relevance of his union's performance in the current circumstances,  responsibly faces each task to contribute to the success of the day on September 25, when it is estimated that more than 331,900 Ciego de Ávila voters will attend 895 polling stations, motivated by supporting a Family Code that favors everyone.