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    We have Trova House in Ciego de Ávila!

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    ¡Tenemos Casa de la Trova en Ciego de Ávila!

    The start, probably, would have happened under the curtain a few days ago if it were not for Santa Masiel and Motivos Personales, who have made social networks on the Internet, a constant tool for promotion and to "drag" the public wherever they go.


    Miguel Ángel Luna Trova House had its reopening without great gadgets, but to the rhythmic rhythm of the guitar, with the poetry of some perfectly finished lyrics and with the trova as the “password” of more than an hour of enjoyment.

    Little by little, it recovers the airs of a cultural center after a repair process, those that disappeared a long time ago when its billboard dwindled, to the point of showing the Campo Lindo group in its best times and, in its worst, recorded music, alcohol in excess and a lackluster image.

    It was renovated without affecting its heritage values ​​and its wooden architecture, the furniture is new and the gastronomic offers, although not cheap; complete what is essential to have a good time. Once this is achieved, it would be necessary to "tune the aim" so that, to the extent that financing allows, design coherent and quality cultural proposals so that the place flourishes and surpasses previous attempts in which a start in style, disenchantment, mismanagement and music of any kind have happened, except the one that should never be lacking.

    For the moment, the planned billboard includes the presentations of Santa Masiel and Motivos Personales on Fridays, at 5:00 in the afternoon, at the Peña Sobran los Motivos, and on Saturdays, at the same time, to Héctor Luis de Posada, persistent artists in their work and their work, who had advocated so much for the revitalization of the site, located in the heart of the city.

    The billboard is supposed to continue adding musicians, because the song genre is rich in performers and groups in the locality to exploit it fully. In addition, the enhancement of the space will depend largely on the cultural offer, which should not be reduced to two days a week, much less two festivals.

    With all the good that these changes imply, the apathy that for many years enveloped Miguel Ángel Luna Trova House will not be erased with a stroke of the pen. It will be necessary to conquer the public and manage the place with discipline and interest so that it helps to give prestige to the artists and vice versa. Let us agree that the most difficult part has already been done.