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    Por más control

    An in-depth review of the implementation of the 43 measures designed for the business sector, the efficient use of fuels, contracting and accounts receivable and payable, are among the objectives of the auditors and controllers who, from September 19 and Until October 30, they develop the XIV National Verification of Internal Control.

    Convened by the Comptroller General of the Republic, the scrutiny will reach eight entities from Ciego de Ávila, after two years without it being possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as Odalys Ordaz García, Provincial Chief Comptroller, explained. The list is made up of the companies Flora and Fauna, Agroforestry, Epivila, TaxisCuba, Acopio, Industrial Fishing Company in Morón, Torrefactora and the UEB Wholesale Commercializing Company ITH.

    The selection criteria, Ailyn Mirabal Quintero, Principal Auditor of the command post for the XIV Verification, said took into account organizations and entities linked to food production and tourism, those with losses or excess profits, and others in charge of import substitution.

    “As a novelty in this edition of the control exercise, four brochures will be applied. The first has to do with what is called the Prioritized Program, which includes the analysis of compliance with the regulations approved for the Cuban state business system, with emphasis on companies that produce goods and services for export or import substitution, as well as verification of liquidity allocation.

    "Booklets Two, Three and Four contain complementary programs related to accounts receivable and payable, payment systems, contracting and fuel," she said.

    Mirabal Quintero specified that 63 auditors of the provincial system participate in the verification, as well as university students of the careers of Accounting and Law.

    Statistical information and incident reports will be issued daily, a flow that goes from the inspected entities to the provincial command post and from there to the national command post.

    After 15 years of work as an auditor, the specialist considers that the work of the national verification cannot be dispensed with, due to its scope and depth. "The Comptroller sees everything," he emphasizes.One of the companies audited is the UEB Wholesale Commercializing Company ITH in Ciego de Ávila, taking into account its relevance as a supplier for tourism and, more recently, its contractual relations with the new actors in the economy.

    Tania Díaz García, director of the UEB, explained the main economic indicators to the verification team, also made up of specialists from the Labor Standardization and Inspection offices. She stressed that, despite Ciego de Ávila being a stronghold for ITH, due to the Jardines del Rey tourist hub, the branch is one of those that has signed the fewest contracts with non-state management forms, since sales barely represent 14 percent of total transactions.

    The board recognized the importance of exercising control, not only because it had been pending since 2019, but also because it is essential for an organization like ITH, responsible for the wholesale marketing of products, which implies large inventories to manage.

    "Although we do not have the position of Internal Auditor covered, we have not stopped controlling the processes," she added.

    Prior to the beginning of the XIV Verification, Gladys Bejerano Portela, Comptroller General of the Republic, had reported that the so-called compliance audit would cover 305 selected entities, located in 51.2 percent of the country's municipalities, but representative of the major programs in the nation.