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    Municipality from Ciego de Ávila confirms potential for local development

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    Several factors converged in the Local Development Fair held this Sunday in the territory of Florencia and conceived as the second moment of the communication campaign Development begins here, corresponding to the Strengthening of Municipal Capacities for Local Development (PRODEL) program.

    The event ratified the integration of the economic, social, environmental, cultural and political components to mobilize local potentialities, with the aim of raising the quality of life of the population, Niria Castillo Arzola, coordinator of the aforementioned campaign, considered.

    She valued the activity as positive by facilitating access to agricultural, industrial and artisanal products, gastronomic offers, sports and cultural activities that were widely accepted among the inhabitants of that mountainous region, incorporated into the Turquino-Bamburanao Plan.

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    She underlined the presence of all the entities represented in the territory, including local development projects (PDL) and self-employed workers, dedicated to the production and marketing of construction materials and food.

    It meant that the cultural proposals were in charge of the Arte Sano sociocultural project and the Parranda de Florencia, exponents of the plastic arts and country music, respectively.

    With pretensions that there is a presence of other regions of the province and the country, the fair welcomed in this opportunity the PDL Guamajales, from the adjoining municipality of Majagua and linked to the elaboration of dry condiments and commercialization of agricultural productions, she said.

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    The also member of the Local Development Group highlighted the presence of an entity from the Logistics Business Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and credit and service cooperatives belonging to the municipality of Yaguajay, in the province of Sancti Spíritus.

    Launched in Florencia in June of this year, the communication campaign Development begins here, lasting two years, reinforces PRODEL's purpose of making the inhabitants of 27 localities in the country the subjects of their own progress.

    It promotes actions aimed at training capacities for planning, management and innovation, with a comprehensive, concerted and sustainable approach to development, Melissa Pérez Ruiz, coordinator of the national campaign team of the Center for Local and Community Development (CEDEL), she highlighted.

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    The development begins here includes eight of the municipalities involved in PRODEL and during the current year it was launched in Nueva Paz (Mayabeque), Cabaiguán (Sancti Spíritus) and Artemisa, in the province of the same name; in addition to Florencia, in Ciego de Ávila, she explained.

    For the 2023 period, the presentation is planned in the territories of Aguada de Pasajeros (Cienfuegos), Fomento (Sancti Spíritus), Imías and San Antonio del Sur (Guantánamo), she specified.

    PRODEL is promoted in Cuba by the Center for Local and Community Development (CEDEL), attached to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, with the cooperation of the Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE).