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    Seven-day maintenance in Felton thermoelectric will be carried out

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    Realizarán mantenimiento de siete días en termoeléctrica de Felton

    The Felton thermoelectric plant, after more than fifty days of stable work, except for the hours of zero generation after Hurricane Ian passed through the west of the country, will carry out maintenance aimed at recovering the production capacity of block one.

    Engineer Euclides Rodríguez Mejías, general director of this industry, located in the Holguin municipality of Mayarí, assured the territory's Citizen Portal that the work must be carried out within a period of no more than seven days and will allow the turbo-group to reach a power between 250 and 260 megawatts (MW) of generation, with stability and efficiency.

    The fundamental actions will be directed to the areas that guarantee the efficiency of the boiler, and especially to the high-pressure heaters and gas recirculating fans, for which the Power Plant Maintenance Company forces are available, the manager stressed.

    Similarly, they will eliminate a fault in the right side wall of the boiler, which requires a hydraulic test to detect other possible damage, he said.

    The general director explained that so far block one maintains a limited delivery of 175 MW, a fact that requires repair work in the next few hours, after the entry into the National Electric System (SEN) of unit four of the CTE Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, from Cienfuegos, scheduled for this Monday.

    Rodríguez Mejías also announced that the strategy of the Electric Union in Cuba to reduce the level of effects on the population in December seeks to recover generation capacity in several plants in the country, so that, upon completion of the work at Felton, a maintenance calculated for 10 days in the Central Antonio Guiteras, of Matanzas, will start.

    Currently at the Felton thermoelectric plant, the block two boiler is being dismantled as part of the rehabilitation process to which it is subjected, affected by a fire on July 8, when the start-up process began after a partial capitalizable maintenance that it foresaw incorporating around 220 MW to the SEN for the summer months.