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    The price of mixed coffee for regulated sale to the population are modified

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    The Ministry of Finance and Prices today published a note on its website to announce the increase in the retail price of blended coffee that is marketed as part of the regulated family basket.

    As the text explains, in recent years there has been a notable and sustained increase in prices in the international market of inputs and raw materials for agri-food production, including coffee, a product that in its production, industrial and roasting processes , has high costs and for which a Development Program has been designed that allows greater efficiency in its production and roasting.

    Based on the above, on August 31, 2022, Agreement 9401 of the CECM (Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers) was approved, which provided for the increase in coffee storage prices to producers, which affects the growth of the costs of industrial processing and marketing of this product.

    For this reason, it is required to increase the retail price of blended coffee that is marketed in 4-ounce packages (115 grams) as part of the regulated family basket, from 8.00 CUP to 11.00 CUP, as of its distribution corresponding to the month of November.

    This was established by Agreement 9416, of October 17, 2022, published in Official Gazette No. 65 Extraordinary of October 25, 2022.

    The delivery of the regulated fee for the month of October that is made in November, maintains the price of 8.00 CUP.

    Under the socialist principle that no one is left homeless and the application of the policy of attention to groups in vulnerable situations, this measure is accompanied by the allocation of financial resources of Social Assistance for those assisted and pensioners who currently receive a benefit money for the acquisition of the regulated family basket, for which they will receive the 3 pesos of the aforementioned increase.