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    Morón is the city that I like the most (+Photos)

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    Although historians with a long history and scientific production such as Héctor Izquierdo Acuña are convinced of the origin of the name Morón, the truth is that there were more than two hypotheses for the toponymic of the well-known Rooster City.

    At first, the possibility was considered that Morón was alluding to the topography of the place, slightly elevated, but not so high as to constitute a geographical accident along the entire line. A second version alludes to the fact that among the first inhabitants of the herd there would have been a Spaniard from Morón de la Frontera (Seville, Andalusia) and that out of pure nostalgia they named the farmhouse in honor of their homeland.

    However, Izquierdo Acuña believes that it is more likely, despite not having been confirmed either, the idea that the herd was named Morón when it was granted, between 1520 and 1530, to a man named Ramón Morón, by the council of Puerto Príncipe.

    The truth is that by 1869, the nascent jurisdiction of Morón was granted the title of Villa, and on April 12, 1870, the Minister of Overseas granted it that of City Hall, which was constituted on August 21, 1870. With that denomination would govern not only the territory, but also the jurisdiction of Ciego de Ávila, which was definitively separated in 1877. The title of city was achieved on May 20, 1921, and on December 9 of that same year the Coat of Arms was adopted that identifies you.

    This is stated in an article published in the Ecured Collaborative Encyclopedia, reviewed by Acuña Izquierdo himself, Historian of Morón. Whoever wants to delve into the future of that city should go to drink from his prolific bibliography or sit down one afternoon to listen to him speak with the passion, not vanity, of someone who has lived to reconstruct history. Beautiful paradox then, in that obsession to lift every inch of land and listen to what he had to tell, he himself has entered the story and, from now on, it will not be possible to talk about Morón without mentioning him.

    The photoreport that we are now proposing is a kind of gift for Izquierdo Acuña and all the people of Morón, but, above all, it is a gift to the beautiful Morón, before the end of its centenary as a city.

    Morón 1

    Which way do we go, right or left?

    Morón 2

    Hotel Morón, completed in the 1980s, with 140 rooms

    Morón 3

    After dying the death of oblivion, the Luis Alfonso Velázquez Flores amusement park recovered its colors and the joy of the children

    Morón 4

    Will the Perla del Norte Hotel recover? That is the question of all Morón citizens

    Morón 5

    Recognized for its heritage values, the Morón Railway Terminal is a jewel that must be preserved

    Morón 6

    With his marble pupil Martí looks at us

    Morón 8

    From among the rubble, the tireless artists of D´Morón Theater raised the Reguero Theater with their hands

    Morón 10

    The most distinguished restaurant in the entire city: La Atarraya