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    In Ciego de Ávila, a vote for the most capable

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    Choosing the most capable and committed to the neighborhood is the will that these days brings together neighbors in different parts of Ciego de Ávila`s geography, while the process of nominating candidates to delegates of the municipal councils of People's Power assemblies advances in the province, as planned, which began on October 21.

    Marleny Báez Valdivia, vice president of the Provincial Electoral Council (CEP), told Invasor that, at the end of this Monday, 274 nomination assemblies had been held in the territory, out of the 1,858 that, until next November 11, must take place in equal number of nomination areas.

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    Distributed over three weeks, the schedule concentrates the largest number of meetings in the first two, which will each host around 40 percent of the planned meetings, while the remaining 20 percent is expected to take place in the last seven days.

    The vice president of the CEP explained that the schedule seeks to adjust to the conditions of each constituency, hence, prior coordination with the factors of the neighborhood and taking into account the country's electro-energy situation and the weather conditions, it may suffer variations in times and dates, provided that what is established is not violated and each voter knows where, how and when the meeting will take place. For this reason, in some constituencies they may meet on Saturdays and Sundays, even in the morning.

    With attendance that has behaved very similarly to that of previous processes, registering 77.42 percent in general, the assemblies held to date have nominated a group of candidates among whom women stand out (54.24%). , followed by the current delegates who are nominated again (48.31), while there are fewer young people with a representation of 13.56 percent.

    Báez Valdivia refers that each proposal made within the framework of these assemblies must be duly substantiated, so that those who can truly represent the interests of the community and have the conditions to do so are elected. "In the majority, the criterion of a single voter has not prevailed, since as a trend several people intervene to endorse the proposal."

    Once this stage is over, the autobiographies and photos of the elected candidates will be placed in visible places in each constituency for the general knowledge of the voters. On November 27, the municipal elections are scheduled to take place in their first round.

    If necessary, because none of the candidates obtains more than 50 percent of the valid votes cast in any demarcation, a second round will be held, set for December 4. The elected delegates will exercise their functions for a term of five years.