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    Cuba holds parliamentary public hearing "Better without Blockade"

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    audiencia parlamentaria

    National and foreign deputies participate today in the parliamentary public hearing "Better without Blockade", to denounce the effects caused by the economic siege of the United States on the island.

    At the meeting, Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández reiterated that the coercive measure constitutes the main obstacle to the economic development and prosperity of the Caribbean nation.

    Nothing that Cuba does, he asserted, will eliminate or modify the US blockade, since it depends on the internal political realities of the northern nation and its system of government.

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    For her part, the president of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Colombian Senate, Gloria Flórez, expressed her invariable support for Cuba and reiterated the demand for an end to the economic, commercial and financial siege.

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    Convened by the National Assembly of People's Power, the consequences of this unilateral measure imposed by the United States against the island for more than six decades and its impact on the daily life of the Cuban people will be addressed at the public hearing.

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    The participants will refer to this systematic violation of human rights that, according to the most recent report presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, caused losses of more than 3,800,000 dollars, between August 2021 and February 2022.

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