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    Advantages of employment in the non-face-to-face mode are highlighted

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    The modalities of teleworking and remote work must be promoted as forms of employment, which benefit both the entity and the worker, Marta Elena Feitó Cabrera, Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS by its Spanish initials), recently highlighted on Twitter.

    She pointed out that this form of employment diversification offers great advantages, such as the reduction of fixed costs, increased productivity, while improving the quality of life of workers, among other benefits.

    On this subject, Ingrid Travieso Rosabal, Director of Employment of the MTSS, explained that, for this, the entities must generate the conditions, control mechanisms, ensure the safety and health of the worker and guarantee that, in this way, they do not affect the employee nor his performance is affected.

    She added that this model "is not applicable to all job positions, since it depends on the function that each worker performs in their workplace, and the position they hold, among other issues."

    Travieso Rosabal said that the central body has directed that, through collective labor agreements, the positions that, due to their nature, can be carried out from teleworking or remote work modalities are registered. In this way, they remain collegiate between the workers, the union and each employer entity.

    She stressed that they have a computerized system governed by the ministry, which allows all entities to declare the positions that can potentially be carried out from these forms of work organization, so that we can establish them permanently and not due to eventualities or contingencies.