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    Camilo Cienfuegos is honored in Ciego de Ávila (+Photos)

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    October 28 is a date that evokes history, Commander Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán as a crew member of the Granma Yacht, as one of the leaders of the invasion of the West and of the triumphant Cuban Revolution.

    This Friday, 63 years after his physical disappearance, the square that bears his name in Ciego de Ávila was filled with pioneers, students from the Camilos Cienfuegos Military School, fighters from the columns of Camilo and Che Guevara, along with a sea of town to pay tribute to the Hero of Yaguajay.

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    The speech by Yaimara Pol Luis, a member of the provincial Union of Young Communists, alluded to the example, significance and current validity of Camilo Cienfuegos.

    "Today it is necessary to have the fighting spirit of the Lord of the Vanguard to resist the threats, shortcomings, and difficulties caused by the criminal Yankee blockade," Pol Luis said.

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    The pilgrimage concluded in an artificial lake in the City Park, where flowers were placed in homage to Camilo, a ritual of the Cuban people in general.

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    The ceremony was presided over by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in the territory, and Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas. Also present were other officials from political and mass organizations and the member of the Cuba softball team, Alaín Román.

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