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    Confrontation against criminal demonstrations is reinforced in Ciego de Ávila

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    With the implementation of new measures and integration of all social factors, Ciego de Ávila will strengthen the fight against crime, corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline, as reported in the Provincial Government Council for the month of October.

    The intensification of preventive and confrontational measures against these scourges is intended to reduce events that disturb internal order, citizen tranquility and economic and social development, by undermining efforts to overcome a multi-causal crisis in the country.

    Ángel Aragón César, coordinator of Defense Programs and Objectives in the Provincial Government of People's Power, explained that the actions contained in the Operation Fight Against Coleros (OLCC), implemented since August 2020 by instructions of Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.

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    Emerged in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulties with the supply of essential products, this mission reinforced the protection of economic objectives of interest after setting up specialized working groups in the province and the municipalities, he explained.

    To date, more than 14,700 complaints have been filed in the territory of Ciego de Ávila and more than 16,500 people have been prosecuted, including linemen, resellers in physical and virtual spaces, and owners of houses-warehouses, factories, workshops and illegal points of sale, in addition to those linked to Illegal Currency Traffic.

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    He stressed that the priorities for the confrontation are maintained in the municipalities of Ciego de Ávila and Morón, where the largest number of inhabitants and centers to be protected are concentrated, without neglecting the rest of the territories.

    Due to the economic importance, the particularities of the OLCC are evaluated with the councils of administrations and entities involved in the municipalities of Baraguá and Venezuela, he added.

    Aragón César pointed out that the sale of essential products is maintained through the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and constituencies, a measure that he classified as efficient by avoiding crowds of people and, therefore, containing the actions of linemen and hoarders in the shop market line.

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    Meanwhile, modalities implemented for the sale of other products favor demonstrations of hoarding and resale in all localities, which is a problem to solve immediately.

    As priorities for the confrontation, the exchange houses and entities of the Cuban Bread Chain, the points of sale of liquefied petroleum gas, the pharmacies (on the days of sale of medicines) and the service centers are defined, the latter due to the situation existing with the fuel.

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, demanded compliance with regulations for the sale of fuel in service centers, considering the risks involved in the concentration of people and vehicles in those areas when it is sold in a free manner.

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    He drew attention to the existence of people smoking, burning cars and other violations of the fire safety regime in the diesel and gasoline dispatch areas, circumstances that require immediate action to prevent accidents.

    Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas indicated to proceed rationally in the control of the free marketing of fuels, the prices of essential products and the resources that are sold through garage sales, in addition to demanding the protection of the products in the warehouses for avoid thefts that favor illegal trade.

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    It directed the municipalities to improve the performance in the sites identified as having the greatest conflicts and the action against individuals disconnected from study and work.

    He emphasized that confrontational actions must be supported by greater action by state and non-state institutions, in order to satisfy the fundamental needs of the population.