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    The blessing of the bus

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    guagua local reparto vaquerito moron

    With just over 88 percent of the population's proposals resolved at the end of October, the municipality of Morón is heading towards this important indicator of People's Power in the last quarter of the year, a period that coincides with the electoral process in the constituencies.

    Magdalena Lima López, vice president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Morón, explained that the proposals are followed up in the different accountability processes of the delegate to his constituents and pro office. Until the third process, 1,851 proposals had been formulated, of which 88.2 percent had been resolved.

    The analysis and follow-up of these matters is monthly in the Municipal Administration Council and they are also checked in the meetings of the popular councils, where the administrative entities, delegates, political and mass organizations participate, Lima López said.

    • This table shows how the population's complaints and requests have behaved by process:

    tabla proceso de planteamientos reparto vaquerito moron

    The most reiterated problems by the voters have to do with the state of the roads, public lighting, access to fixed telephony and Internet connection, the waterproofing of buildings, repairs to warehouses and the creation of new medical offices.

    The blessing of the bus

    The comprehensive transformation of the Popular Council El Vaquerito, in Morón, reveals the solution to three approaches considered historical and 34 repetitive. The first three are: the cleaning of the El Roble canal (which crosses the community and causes flooding in rainy weather), the construction of a pharmacy and an urban bus route.

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    Tania Esther Benítez Martínez, president of the El Vaquerito Popular Council, told Invasor that the demand for a bus to enter the community dates back to the 1990s and had not been possible, in part, due to the poor state of the vials.

    Since last week that old wish has been fulfilled and the new route is linking, from dawn, Calle 10, in Tuero, with Calle Frank País, in El Vaquerito, until Camino del Barro, from where it leaves for the Provincial Hospital Robert Rodriguez. In the afternoon, starting at 4:30, it does the reverse route.

    "This has had a very favorable impact on the population, because it guarantees transportation for children to school, for people who need to go to the hospital and for the inhabitants of the community of Tuero, since we are far from the city" Benitez Martinez commented.

    It is very likely that in the next accountability process one of the approaches will be the construction of a stop, judging by the images that accompany this note.

    On the El Roble channel, the president of the popular council said that the cleaning is already underway, while the pharmacy is included in the Economy plan for next year. In El Vaquerito, other actions are being carried out, such as the remodeling of the La Unión winery, the repair of the playground and the sports areas, and the drinking water leaks in the El Carmen community.