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    The puppet party is here

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    jornada titeres al centro ciego de avila

    From November 3 to 6, the tireless puppets and puppeteers return to flood the city of Ciego de Ávila, with the start of the 12th edition of the Puppets to the Center theater day, a contest that will stage the best performers of the genre in the country, in a confluence between diverse aesthetics and ways of doing things.

    The list of guests includes Guiñol from Guantánamo, Guiñol Little Prince, from Granma; the Mejunje theater company of Santa Clara; the Guerrilla de Teatrher-workers and the Guiñol from Remedios, to which are added Polichinela, as absolute host of the event, and the Pelusín del Monte front, from Primero Theater.

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    The visit to schools and communities is one of the intentions that, year after year, has opened the spectrum of the contest and now will not be the exception. Despite the logistical limitations, the troop of puppeteers will arrive at the Celia Sánchez Manduley headquarters and the Rivas Fraga neighborhood, in the main municipality; to the Ramón Rodríguez primary school, in Júcaro, and to the Rafael Trejo, in El Manguito.

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    As usual, the Longest Night of the Puppet will be the culmination of this theatrical day, scheduled for Saturday, November 5 from 6:00 in the afternoon. The public will be able to choose between several works and spaces, in which the presentations will take place almost simultaneously.

    We are talking about the surroundings of the House of the Young Creator, where the Guiñol from Guantánamo with Opalín and the devil will be; of the square established for the first time in the portal of the Fund of Cultural Goods, in which Mejunje from Santa Clara will be presented, with the play Estampas Literarias theatrizadas; The Torcidos Project will perform at the House of Culture José Inda Hernández and at Martí Park, we will enjoy the Mega Caramelazo, a collaboration between Pulchinela and Guiñol from Remedios, which promises surprises and satisfied expectations.

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    That these three days serve to pay off the debts of closed theaters and elusive audiences is the ultimate goal of the organizing committee, which on this occasion has dedicated Puppets to the Center to the 36th anniversaries of the founding of the Saíz Brothers Association and the 60th anniversary of the creation of Pulchinela, and to the memory of Yosvany Abril, that persevering and genuine creator to whom we owe, above all, being an island for puppets at least once a year.

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