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    Why do we denounce the blockade?

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    campaña cuba contra el bloqueo

    We will never get tired of denouncing the blockade that the United States exercises over our country, because for more than 60 years it has affected the lives of our people in all possible spheres.

    We denounce it in the midst of an acute economic crisis, first of all, because many readings can be made around it, but the first of all is that it is a crisis induced by the economic terrorism that we have suffered since January 1959. The dilemmas political, social, ideological, cultural, subjective, that cross the Cuban present, have the background of shortcomings sustained for decades.

    We denounce it because they want it to be forgotten, in order to attribute all our limitations to the alleged failure of socialism as an alternative, and it is our historical responsibility to tell the peoples of the world that socialism has not gone any further here because it has had to face everything type of obstacles and violence, as part of an unjust interventionist agenda.

    We denounce it because the anguish, frustration and despair it generates in our people, as well as the social problems it conditions, are systematically used as part of a cultural, communication and media war against our nation.

    We denounce it because they want us to stop mentioning it when we analyze the causes of our contradictions, but we are not going to make that mistake. We will put on the table our own mistakes in the construction of socialism, but without the ingenuity of believing in the story that the difficulties we face are due to an "internal" blockade.

    We denounce it because it was intensified with new measures when COVID-19 decimated the most important lines of economic development in the country.

    We denounce it because in the midst of recent natural disasters and accidents of immense cost to Cuba, in the first instance, due to the loss of human lives, the aid of the United States has been weak, compared with the solidarity of other sister nations, and with the losses equivalent to 6,364 million dollars that the blockade has caused us in the first 14 months of the Joe Biden administration alone.

    We denounce it because we will never be indifferent to any form of violence or injustice against any people in the world and, in this case, they are being exercised against ours.

    We denounce it for its imperialist character, because it does not only affect Cuba or the Cubans who live on the Island, it affects many everywhere.

    In addition, the most important thing about this reiterated denunciation is that it receives the support of the world. For this reason, we will not tire of thanking all the countries that at the United Nations reaffirm their position against the blockade year after year, as well as all the governments, social movements, collectives, organizations and people who offer us their solidarity, raise their voices and Join us in this fight for life and hope.