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    The preparation of the harvest is evaluated as positive in Ciego de Ávila

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    The highest political and government authorities in Ciego de Ávila positively evaluated the preparation of the current harvest at the Ciro Redondo, Primero de Enero and Ecuador Refinery Factories.

    The Ciro Redondo industrial unit will have to process five hundred and ninety-one thousand tons of sugar, while the nearby Bioelectric plant is working hard to guarantee the energy that is demanded for optimal grinding.

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    Although it does not appear among the twenty-three power plants in the country scheduled to be ground, the colossus of Primero de Enero, as a fuse, prepares all its areas and innovates practical solutions for the current sugar dispute.

    The Ecuador refinery entity from Baraguá plans to carry out its harvest exercise this November 20 and on the same date, but in the coming December, to carry out its general test.

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    In each of these centrals, the Yankee blockade was condemned, just when the United Nations ratified the international rejection of such a genocidal policy of the Empire against Cuba.

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