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    Hotels in Paredón Grande Cay welcome their first clients

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    Canadian and national tourists enjoy the two lodging facilities inaugurated at the beginning of the winter season in Paredón Grande Cay, belonging to the Jardines del Rey destination, located in the north of the province of Ciego de Ávila.

    Tania Fernández Jiménez, deputy head of the Office of the Government Representative in the Northern Cays, specified that the Grand Aston Cayo Paredón Hotel welcomed foreign clients; meanwhile, the one that assumed the name of the island provides services to a representation of the internal market.

    José Carlos Alfonso, director of the Hotel Cayo Paredón Grande, revealed, through his account on the social network Facebook, the beauty and comfort of this facility, where good service is complemented by cultural proposals that reinforce the purpose of making the stay in imperishable moment for vacationers.

    He recognized the effort made by the workers to materialize the dream that this facility represents, with guarantees to offer excellent care.

    With a Five Star category, this was the first All Inclusive resort built in the new tourist area of ​​Jardines del Rey, specifically in the vicinity of the beautiful beach called Los Pinos; it has 584 rooms, bars, restaurants, swimming pools and other facilities for recreation.

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    The Grand Aston consists of 635 Caribbean-style rooms and suites, suitable for families with children, with sections in the main building and bungalows, as well as an exclusive area for adults, excellent beaches, five swimming pools, nine restaurants, seven bars and cafes, and two meeting rooms.

    As a distinctive element, this complex exhibits a small lighthouse in its exterior areas that recreates the identification of the islet where it is located.

    In recent statements for the Cuban News Agency, Iyolexis Correa Lorenzo, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the province of Ciego de Ávila, highlighted the loyalty and satisfaction of Canadian customers with the services offered at the Jardines del Rey destination.

    She also highlighted the value of the domestic market for the development of the tourism sector in the country and its presence throughout the year in the northern cays of Ciego de Ávila, although it maintains the tendency to travel during the summer months.

    The opening of the Cayo Paredón Grande and Grand Aston Cayo Paredón hotels gives continuity to the development strategy of the tourism sector in the province of Ciego de Ávila until the year 2030.

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    Correa Lorenzo stressed that on the islet itself, two other facilities are being completed (Roca Norte 1 and Roca Norte 2), in charge of the Almest Real Estate and with an opening date set for the year 2023.

    He reported that in Jardines del Rey, made up of Coco, Guillermo, Paredón Grande and Antón Chico keys, 37 projects are underway, covering accommodation, recreational and support areas.

    In Cuba, Tourism is one of the cay areas defined in the Economic-Social Strategy to boost the economy and confront the global crisis caused by COVID-19.

    Despite the slowdown in its growth rate, the leisure industry continues to be a locomotive for progress in the Cuban nation, where there is potential to provide competitive and quality goods and services.